Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8

Really want to be running again? When Lord? When? Good news is knee is feeling much better in general. Bad news is it still hurts when I actually try to run. I did start some aqua therapy today which was interesting to say the least. Running in a pool with a ski belt tied around my waist and bungee chorded to the side of the pool doesn't afford much forward movement. I still don't get it as the actual movement of running doesn't hurt, but the foot strike is where I get pain. Not a lot of foot strike in 6 feet of water but what do I know? Doc said to give it 6 weeks of therapy and if I still can't run then he would script an MRI. The funny part is that the PT told me today if I hadn't told him which knee was hurt he would have guessed the left. I guess the therapy I have been doing is helping, since it is the right knee that is cranky. :) Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14 update

STILL NO RUNNING!!!! Grrrrr. I am so bummed. Work has been incredibly stressful and my outlet has been cruelly removed from my arsenal. My knee is still really mad. I am seeing a PT and working on some imbalance but every so often I get some really sharp pain. Like last night, I took a step and kinda stumbled and it sent a shooting pain through my knee and then it was sore the rest of the night. And this morning still not feeling great. As much as I hate to admit it, it may be time to go see a doc. Bleck. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem going to doctors. I am the first one to head in when I think something is wrong. I just have a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to MRI's. My first and only one ever revealed a nasty cyst in my foot that had to be removed and killed my running program for 2 solid years. So not super excited to go do that again. But this pain isn't getting that much better. So I guess I will give it a few more days and then make the call if there isn't significant change. Keep me in your prayers kids.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post marathon Blues

Oh my gosh I am so here.......

"Many runners feel a certain kind of loss the days after a marathon. I have even named this feeling the post-marathon blues. It makes sense if you really think about it. You have been consumed with one goal. It defined a huge part of your life for quite some time. Now what do you do? Should you start planning now for something else? When should you start running again? What do you do with those sore, cranky legs?

Never hurry. Never worry. That is your motto for the next 26 days. Many runners don’t plan the few weeks AFTER the marathon and experience injuries, burn out, bad runs and bad moods. Here's what you can do to recover quicker and make you a better runner:" By Julie Isphording, Former Olympian

It has been 9 days since my marathon and I haven't run a lick. I tried to run a little on Saturday because I had foolishly signed up for the Nike + Human Race 10k. Yeah no dice. I had immediate pain in my cranky knee. By Monday I was teetering on the edge of a meltdown. I MISS running. My sense of humor misses running. My patience misses running. My butt misses running. I made an appointment to have a PT look a my knee and make sue nothing is hurt but I can't get in to see them until Friday. Thankfully today it does feel a little better. I am going to keep on the protocol of ice, anti inflammatory drugs, no running, stretching and rolling. I found some articles about post marathon recovery and I am trying to really take them to heart. But I am chomping at the bit to sign up for another race and to get my Paris Marathon training under way. Kids I think a monster has been created. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Blue Box

One of the greatest parts of this race is the finisher's medal. Instead of a big crazy medal that will hang in your study or somewhere, the finisher's medal for the Nike Women's race is a necklace designed by Tiffany's. Yep it even comes in the little blue box. It is a unique design each year and we couldn't wait to see it at the finish. We were not disappointed. It is beautiful and I have not taken it off since Sunday. Take a look.

Marathon photos

Ready to Race!!

Mile 2

Mile 11

Mile 14

Last hill

Home Stretch

Yep, we did it.

Race Day-October 18, 2009

The day has finally arrived. I woke up early so I had time to lay in bed and read my bible and just really calm and focus myself before the race. I finally got up and took time to stretch my legs and use the foam roller while my bagel toasted. I spread it with peanut butter and topped it with some sliced banana. I had laid out all my clothes so I just had to pull on my awesome Roxy sports bra and shorts. I sprayed myself down with sunscreen and donned my cool new highly personalized TNT purple singlet. Hair up in a pony and teeth brushed, I tied on my shoes and grabbed my hydration belt and extra shirt and headed over to Steph’s room. We made sure Andy had all our supplies before we left and I texted my mom to let her know we were headed to the start. I forgot to leave my phone with Andy so we had to run it back up but we still had plenty of time. We met with our team downstairs and the excitement in the air was palpable. Everyone had trained hard and was ready for this race. We took off for Union Square in one big group and the streets were already bustling at 6 in the morning. 20,00 runners would line up to start this event. We made our way to our corral and I scanned the crowd to see if I could find Holly and John. The first pass proved unsuccessful so I stretched with Steph awhile before taking one more loop. I spotted Holly with my “GO Michelle” sign waving in the air. We both squealed like little girls. I ran back to get Steph and we all chatted in our corral waiting for the starting signal. After the start sounded, I told Holly and John that they could go to the other corner and see us as we made our way to the start, since you don’t really go anywhere fast after the gun goes off unless you are an elite runner. Since it was my first I didn’t want to crowd the kids at the front. :)
So off they went and we scooted our way forward til we turned the corner and it opened up a little. We waved at Holly as she took some pics and video and after we got all of our GPS turned on, away we went. Let’s do this thing. Just a little morning jog if you will. We made sure to keep our pace steady those first few miles and not start out too fast. We got warmed up and enjoyed running through the buildings and seeing the wave of people making it’s way through downtown. It was a beautiful sight. At mile 2, when we got to the waterfront, we saw Andy and Steph’s mom and got the first of many photo ops. Thankfully Andy and Holly both sent picture message updates to my mom throughout the race so she could see how we were doing and where we were. After Steph tossed her throw away shirt we took off down the Embarcadero.
The sun was making it’s way up in the sky and it was a beautiful morning, cool and crisp as we passed a gospel choir singing praises for all the runners. What a sweet sound. We settled in and just ran, taking in all the sights and sounds, doing a mental inventory as we went. We passed right by the first water stop and I dropped off my throw away shirt, thanks to Steph in the donation box they had set up at mile 2.5. We both felt really good and were just really enjoying the race. We passed Andy and Mom at the next water stop and barely saw them in the craziness that was the aid station. From there we started on some of the hills, making our way through a park and down to the waterfront on the way to the bridge. There was a family cheer station set up and we saw Holly, John and Chloe screaming like banshees as we ran past. We ran past all the houses that sit overlooking the Bay and there were people out in their robes, drinking their coffee waving us on. It was so fun. We could see the hills coming but thankfully with all the training in Mission Viejo, they weren’t really that bad. We reminded each other to keep the chin up, pump the arms and run lightly on the feet and up we went. The view of the bridge was a little obscured by the morning fog but it was still a beautiful sight to see. Still feeling good, we just ran and ran and ran, motivated by all the cheering fans and coaches and other runners. I just tried to take it all in, yelling “Go Team” to every coach I saw on the sidelines and encouraging other runners who had started to slump. We were at about mile 8 when we came to a moderately long hill, not too steep but long. We decided to run it for someone and we picked our little honored teammate “Gubben”. So we turned the corner and up we went. When we started to get tired , we said “this is for Gubben”, arms pumping, chin up, “we have never had to go through chemo, we can do this”. We got almost to the top, breathing hard and we came upon one of the wheelchair athletes gutting her way to the top of that same hill. We cheered her on, “you got this” I yelled, “Keep going”. I was so inspired, and choked up and so thankful for my little tired working legs.
From there we came up over a hill and were face to face with the Bay Coastline in all it’s foggy morning glory. It was a gorgeous view with a huge rock full of sea lions in the distance. I am quite sure I heard them cheering for us. We made our way down to the bottom and the only bummer was that we could see the finish line and yet we had a really long way to go. But we were feeling good so it wasn’t total torture. We headed into the park, through the throngs of screaming families, friends, coaches and bystanders. I was looking for Holly and John, thinking they should be in that area somewhere. There were people everywhere but I didn’t see them. Then all the sudden I saw John spot us and he took off running up the hill away from us. Steph and I started giggling and we were like “hey, why is he running away?” We saw him get up to where Holly and Chloe were and let them know we were coming. They started cheering like crazy. It was awesome and as we made our way up to them I swooped in and gave Chloe a big sweaty kiss. It was great. The run through the park was so fun because Safeway had cheer teams all over the place. They were cheering, there were bands, and there were teams of them with giant signs encouraging us and reminding us of why we were here. Some of the signs were “because you paint your toenails black to cover the bruised ones”, “because you went through 3 pairs of shoes in training“, and ”come on legs“. There was one guy with a megaphone asking ”who needs a push?“ I waved at him and said that we did and he raced over and ran with us screaming ”PUSH, PUSH, PUSH“ through the megaphone. It was awesome! We got to mile 14 and there was Andy sitting on the side of the road, camera in hand. We stopped and took some pictures and gave him an update on how we were feeling and then away we went. It was a beautiful run through the park and I reminded myself of the ”Penguin’s“ words to take time to look around and really enjoy my first marathon. I was feeling really good so far so I was really grateful. I looked around at the beauty of the park and as we came up to a little lake on the left, there was a bench with a mom sitting on it. Dad was down by the road cheering on runners and their son, who must have been about Chloe’s age had a little mini red drum kit and he was banging away on it. it was so random and so darling and so entertaining. A moment to enjoy.
We made it down to the Great highway where the half marathon kids go right to the finish and we went left to finish 10 more miles. As we ran through the cheering crowds Steph and I high fived and said, ”Now we are committed“. Off down the Great highway we went. The next time we saw Andy, the sun had come out and as we ran up he had our sunglasses out and ready to go. We slid them on, he handed us the sunscreen and I sprayed myself down and then Steph. She already had her glasses on and I sprayed right over them. Ooops. :) Away we went again, still feeling pretty good. Miles 17-19 flew by with no real trouble and then I had a problem. As we made our way toward the loop around Lake Merced, it was a slow rolling downhill. There was a band at the bottom singing Flock of Seagulls ”I ran“ and I was quite pumped up by that. Until Steph said ”I have never heard this song“ WHAT? I gave her homework to YouTube it when she got home. The hair alone is worth a look. But as I was running downhill toward them I started getting a really sharp pain in my right knee. Right knee? WHAT? I never have trouble with my right leg. My left leg has been the problem child forever, this was so unusual and it was Capital C cranky. I had to slow to a walk and my brain went into over drive. I thought, there is no way I am making it 6 more miles with this pain. I started telling myself to ”manage the moment“, I stopped to stretch, I started to freak out just a little. Steph stopped and walked with me and even walking I was still getting an occasional jab. She grabbed my hand and said let’s pray. SO we did. I even closed my eyes and then after a few steps realized that probably wasn’t a good idea. So I just prayed to the Lord to take the pain away, to send lots of good healing blood to my knee, to help me manage the moment and to keep going. I said Amen and we started to jog very slowly. It was a slight up hill so it didn’t hurt that bad. Steph pulled her phone out and called our Pitt Crew Chief to request some advil. She told him where we were and a few minutes later he flew past us on the bike, up ahead we saw him jump off and pull stuff out of his bag. By the time we got to him, the advil was out with a gatorade chaser in the other hand. I was nervous to take it cause I didn’t want to mask pain that was causing some really damage. I made sure to stretch a bunch because I knew something was tight to be causing this nonsense. Feeling a little better, I said ”ok let’s do this“ and off we went. We started off slow and eased into our pace and Praise the Lord, it felt better. Around the lake we went. We passed the chocolate mile on the back side and got to run with our Coach Noah for a little bit, needing some of his encouraging words. We were getting tired but we were so close so we were trying to stay focused.
We made our way up the last hill as Andy took pictures from the road side. From there it was a long, flat stretch down the highway to the Finish. We got a little spring in our step when we got to 25 and swapped out our sunglasses for our tiaras. Oh yeah, game on. We are almost Home. We heard one of the TNT coaches say ”only 2 lights left“. We got this. I think I had a few of them over the last 6 miles, but that was the final ”Moment“ The moment according to the ”Penguin“ is when you realize you are really going to do this. I realized I was really going to do it, finish a marathon. WOW. We stepped up our pace again. The crowds were cheering, we were running well. Chin up, arms pumping, shoulders down and relaxed. Even after 26 miles, it was easy with the Finish Line in sight. We started to sprint it out and ended up running right past Holly and John. I only heard her yell after I passed her and turned around to wave quickly. Can’t stop now kids, Finish Line in sight!
Steph and I came across the Finish Line together, hands and heads held high. Emotions overtook us as we hit the timing pads. We laughed and cried and hugged. It was AMazing. I did it. I ran 26.2 mile. I know the best part is supposed to be the little blue box at the end that holds the finishers medal, but it didn’t even compare to the feeling of accomplishment. The feeling that with enough work and consistency and determination and support and encouragement and prayer, I could do anything. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t turn down the blue Tiffany box that the tuxedo-ed fireman held out to me, I am just saying.
So that’s it kids. It was everything and more that I could have ever asked for. I don’t think I could have scripted a better first marathon experience. I had fun, I worked hard, I pushed through, I managed the moment, I enjoyed the experience and I took time to relish everything around me. I hope the same for anyone who ever decides to do this.


TOTAL bummer


When I got to San Francisco, we took off on a whirlwind of activity. Not to mention the hotel charged for internet use. SO I didn't check my FB until Saturday, but when I did I was overwhelmed by all the well wishes on my wall. I have some awesome peeps in my life!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NIke + Graph

How cool is this. It's my race!


This was awesome!! I felt like an elite athlete. TNT rocks

SF Day 2

Day 2 in San Francisco was kinda a blur. I got up early to do some super special Nike + member shopping at Niketown before the store opened. I got a cool new bag and a shirt for Steph. Must have a memento of the weekend. From there I went back over to the Expo to try out the Lunarglide shoes and get a gait analysis. Kinda cool. Check out the video below. When I got done there I had a text that Holly and John had arrived so I cabbed it over to the Ferry building to meet them at the Farmer's Market. It was fantastic.

We walked around and sampled a bunch of scrumptious morsels then settled into T's for lunch. We split up after that with plans to meet up in the evening as I needed to rest a little and I had a team meeting and the inspiration dinner to go to.
And what an inspiration it was. I had no idea as we got to the door of the convention center, the mayhem that awaited me. All the TNT coaches and mentors lined the walkway from the door, down 4 flight of stairs and into the banquet hall. They were dressed up, screaming, yelling, cheering and welcoming us in. I felt like I was in the Olympics or something. It was overwhelming. I will post the video in it's own post. Incredible.

The speeches at the dinner were inspiring, funny, heartwarming and thought provoking. We were reminded to "manage the moment and that the end will come". We were encouraged by the amount of funding that we raised and how many people would be affected and helped by the work that we did this season. And we were roused by the thought that "the woman who starts this race is not the same woman who finishes it." This has been an amazing and life changing experience and I am so glad I took on this challenge 6 months ago. I am not the same woman who walked into that meeting in Tustin and I am grateful for this path.

NIke + Fun

How cool is this. I got to try out the new Nike Lunarglide shoe and they took a video of me running and analyzed my gait. Lots of fun stuff at the Expo.

True to form I am a neutral runner. Here is the official "analysis"

Your Gait
Neutral: The outside of the heel strikes the ground first and the foot rolls inward. The foot pronates within normal limits.

View or download video of your footwear trial captured at the Nike Women's Marathon Expotique. Then click on the link below to see the Nike Running shoe best suited for you.

For more information on Nike race weekend activities for you and your favorite spectators, click here.

Also follow the links below to find out how to customize your finisher gear with Nike iD and to get more information about the Nike+ Human Race 10K.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tiara Printing

It’s the night before my trip to San Francisco for the race. Of course on the last night I am scrambling around like a chicken trying to finish up last minute stuff. I still had not packed but I wanted to do the t-shirts for the “Tiara Trotters” fan club. The graphics that Steph’s friend did turned out really cute so I made shirts for Holly, John and Chloe. I made one for JZ too, even though she isn’t going to be here and I know she won’t wear it. Regardless I was cutting and ironing and peeling until about 10 pm. Never mind that my packing still wasn’t quite finished. But they turned out really cute and of course I was sporting my tiara while I worked. I even made one for me, minus the fan club part, because Steph and I are the Tiara Trotters, after all.

SF Day 1

We made it to SF in one piece and as a big Team in Training Group. The Southwest flight attendants even gave us a shout out after we took off. Our team for this season so far has raised over $390,000. That is so crazy to me. Thanks to all the people who have been so generous. We grabbed our luggage and hopped on the charter bus to the city. We got checked in and Steph and I headed over to the expotique to pick up our race packets and enjoy some of the festivities.

We sampled the Safeway smoothies that were blended by peeps on spin bikes, we picked up our bibs and goodies bags, made some cheer signs and we filled our lungs at the oxygen bar.

It smelled soo good. I think I got a little carried away. Hehehehe From there we went over to Niketown and found our names on the wall and played in the photo booth at Cole Hahn. One of our very important errands was to go to Chinatown and pick up tiaras for Step and our Mentor Michelle. We found a little cafe that I had been to before and grabbed some lunch with a lovely view of the gates of Chinatown. Lunch was delish and we topped it off by trying three little delightful French macaroons. Still carb loading you know. After lunch we made our way into Chinatown with my hawk eyes out for the tiara shop since I wasn’t entirely sure what store we saw them in a few years ago. But we prevailed and half an hour later we were heading back to Union Square with two new sparkly tiaras in hand. Success is sweet. We decided it was time to head back to the hotel and put our feet up for a bit. Don’t want to poop ourselves out. We got back to the room and got to the task deferred of painting our toesies. We had team colors of purple and green and they are now BEA-utiful.

It felt good to get my feet out of my shoes and do a little cold water dunk and self massage. The whirlwind of Day 1 continued as we headed downstairs to meet Mentor Michelle for dinner. We presented here with her new tiara and the three of us grabbed a cab with tiaras firmly placed upon our heads. You can imagine the looks we got. Who knew three tiaras wee such an odd thing. On a recommendation from Michelle Mellissi, we cabbed it to a little restaurant named Flour and Water in the Mission District. Apparently it is quite popular and without a reservation, we endured a one and a half hour wait. Yeah, we were hungry and quite tired by the time we got seated but we got seated at the communal table and made four new friends before the night was over. It ended up being a really fun night with amazing food and lots of laughs as we celebrated Steph’s “birthday”.

Bellies full and feet ready for bed, we made it back to the hotel and hit the hay. One more day before the big R-U-N!!!!

Shirt Decorating 101

Steph invited me over on Wednesday night. The plan was to paint our toenails, the TNT official colors of purple and green of course, and to decorate our race singlets. I got to her place and we had to run to Andy’s to pick up the printer because she had some T’s designed for the race. One for Andy that says “Tiara Trotters pit crew” and we did some for our cheerleaders that say “Tiara Trotters Fan Club”. So we got back to her place and made some ridiculous salads while our baked potatoes cooked. We had to carb load right?

Then we got down to the business at hand. I got to work on my singlet while she made Andy’s official race jersey. I got some crazy iron on letters to decorate my shirt and once I got them ironed on I realized I may lose one or two during the race so I had to sew some of the edges down. I just hope I don’t get chafing from the thread. And thankfully I didn’t prick my fingers too badly with that needle. We got so involved in the T’s and eating that we never did get around to painting our nails. This T-shirt and singlet decorating is serious business. But we figured we have all day Friday to do our feet. San Francisco here we come!

The Contenders

So we are two weeks out from the big event and I am feeling very indecisive about my chosen running shoes for the race. I ran in Asics Nimbus 10 all season with fabulous results. Then at that 14 mile week with the knee issues, I decided it was time to get new shoes. Those pink Nimbus have some serious mileage on them. So off I went to Road Runner to replenish my shoe supply. Jorge the sales guy was really helpful and after listening to my whole long drawn out training recap, he gave me a few pairs to try. He got me the new Nimbus 11, but also suggested that I try the Saucony and the New Balance. I tried one of each and after a couple quick jogs on the treadmill, we both came to the conclusion that I am an Asics runner. I kinda already knew that but one must be open to new things, right? Ok so 2 new Asics on my feet and I did a little trial run on the treadmill so he could check my gate. Because the new Nimbus had a little wider toe box I went back to the size 9 I normally wear. After watching video of me running and squeezing the crap out of my credit card I walked out of Road Runner with 2 new pairs of shoes and some new socks. Ouch. Just kidding, hopefully that will alleviate the ouch factor. I ended up running some short mileage in the new shoes and I noticed my 4th toe was getting numb. Well that is not acceptable. I thought maybe they were laced to tight so I loosened them up and tried again. Better but still some numbness. Hmmm. Well long story short, both new pairs of shoes went back and two new Size 9 and a 1/2s are now in my closet. Now that i have run in them a few weeks. I am still getting some numbness when I wear the Nimbus 11. Not bad but not good enough to deal with for 26.2 miles. I think the .2 will be the kicker. :) So the conundrum is do I run in the Nimbus 10 that I ran in all summer and felt great or do I run in the new Cumulus that feels pretty good but has no real long distance testing? The new Nimbus was in the running, but I think I finally narrowed it down to the old Nimbus and new Cumulus. I am going to poll my teammates, mentor and coaches. Verdict to come soon.

Monday, October 12, 2009

6 Days and Counting

My marathon will be here before I know it. It's a busy week at work while trying to eat right, sleep a lot, run smartly, and figure out what to pack. I think San Francisco could be a tad chilly and since I trained in Orange County in the middle of summer I didn't exactly get to train in pants. I am a little worried I am either going to freeze or get serious chafing if I wear pants. What's a girl to do? I still am having a hard time believing it's really time to do this. I feel ready and I feel like I can do it, but now my mind is playing the trick on me of wanting to do really well. I mean I have always wanted to do well at it, but I think I figured it was my first one so just take it easy and leave it at that. Now I want to finish it in 4-5 hours, preferably closer to 4, and the pace I have been training at puts me closer to 5. Hmmm. Must not focus on this. Must run the race. Must get out there and feel out my body and push when it feels right and hold back when it doesn't. Ok speaking of sleep, i need to be sawing logs so I will check in tomorrow with the feelings of the day. We're in the home stretch kids.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Last long run

Well today was the last long run until the big marathon next week in San Francisco. Half the team is running the Long Beach Race tomorrow and my running partner is in Seattle so I decided to sleep in this morning and skip the final team run. I am kinda tired of running in Irvine and I really wanted to sleep in a little today so I made plans to run Back Bay in Newport instead. It was nice to get a good night's sleep and wake up without the alarm when it wasn't pitch dark outside. I called my friends Holly and John and they offered to ride bikes with me while I ran, and I am not one to turn down company, so I headed to their place and we took off. John was even pulling Chloe in the bike buggy. I don't know how he got up some of those hills pulling that thing. Give me running shoes any day. It was nice and overcast and the run was pretty uneventful. We all just chatted and kept it going forward. We turned around at 4 miles which just "happened" to be at the bottom of the really steep hill in West Cliff. Really? Well, I am running San Francisco, which I do recall being pretty hilly. :) So yeah, what is one more hill in this training schedule. Amazing how when you train hills, they do actually get a little easier. I don't love them by any means but I didn't want to throw up at the top which is a plus. So I think I am ready for the big race. I still can't believe it is just one week away. Where did the summer go?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

1 more and 1 less

We are in the home stretch and I have a feeling over the next two weeks I am going to be tearing up more than normal. I can't believe that in two weeks I am going to run my first ever marathon. I remember walking into the Wheeler library in May just to get some info to maybe do the Long Beach Half. I just wanted to sign up for a race to get back to running regularly and now here I am, 19 weeks later, ready to run a Full. I am so excited and so nervous and so full of emotion. It has been an amazing experience, full of laughter and tears and hard work and fundraising and I am so glad I decided to do this. Team in Training has been everything I had hoped it would be. I have made new friends, I have had excellent coaching and support, I have done something for someone other than myself and that in turn did something for me. There have been a lot of miles in the last 19 weeks, but they have been fun and challenging and memorable all at the same time.
Today we ran 12 miles and that makes one more run tucked into my back pocket and one less run until the start line in SF. A bunch of my teammates are running in Long Beach next week so we had all different distances to do this morning and after we all logged our miles we got to pick up our race packets and goodie bags. Wahooo. Race packets included our super cool purple singlet to run in, our transportation wristbands and our plane tickets. Goodie bags included candy, band aids, chapstick and ziplock baggies for the ice for what will be our weary knees.

My send off note from my mentor Michelle reminded me "If you get tired, just know that you are getting a patient through their hard time as well". Yep burst into tears right then and there. Mind you I was stopped at a light when I read it and then had to drive when the light turned. Perfectly safe I am sure.

"Running Shoes"

Running has made me a little crazy. No, let me rephrase that, running has confirmed the fact that I am a little crazy. You have already been privy to some of the less than lucid thoughts that run through my brain on early morning runs. We won't rehash them, some of them are not pretty. Entertaining to be sure though. SO Thursday when I was running and singing along to my favorite tunes on my ipod, KC and the Sunshine Band came crashing into my brain. It was "Boogie Shoes" and I started to feel KC's groove but I also started making up my own lyrics. Running appropriate of course. The bet part was when I started giggling because I couldn't wait to dedicate it to my RB Steph. I am quite sure she will approve. So I give you the remix of "Boogie Shoes" aptly title "Running Shoes"

Girl, To Be With You Is My Fav'rite Thing
Uh Huh
And I Can't Wait Til I See You Again
Yeah, Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My My My
Running Shoes
And take a run With You, Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My
Running Shoes And take a Run With You,Uh Huh
I Want to Run Until The Sun Comes Up
Uh Huh, And I Want To Do It 'til
I Can't Get Enough, Yeah, Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My My My
Running Shoes
To take a run With You, Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My My My
Running Shoes To take a run With You
Uh Huh, Yeah Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My My My
Running Shoes
To take a run, With You, Yeah
I Want To Put On My My My My My
Running Shoes To take a run With You, Yeah

Thankfully there really aren't many lyrics that had to be changed. Don't think you won't be singing my version the next time you hear it. And don't think we won't be rocking this on our Tiara Trotting Playlist on October 18th. You go KC, and your Sunshine Band.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am runner hear me roar.

I finally feel like I an officially call myself a runner again. It has been a long time coming. Here is the evidence that i have gathered so far. My first marathon is in less than three weeks. I am already trying to figure out when to schedule my next one. I am already trying to figure out which half I want to do next and I want it to be soon. My stack of running shoes could give my stack of high heels a run (pun intended) for their money. I check out the new flavors of Gatorade in the grocery store. And check out these ankles.

Seriously. The first time, which implies that this is a regular occurrence, I thought I had not put on enough sunscreen and had gotten a really bad farmer tan. NOPE, ready for this? Yep, it's dirt. My ankles get "that" dirty when I am running. You have already seen the shoe comparison. If you don't remember check out "Miles to go before I sleep" in July So, I officially claim to be a runner now. No namby pamby pristine treadmill running for me, bring on the marathon.

Photo Finish

Not sure if this is a big enough file to not be super pixelated when I post it but here is Steph and I as we finished our 20 mile run. From Anaheim Hills to the beaches of Huntington. You can't tell from the picture because we can fake it with the best of them but she and I were trying not to bawl the last 50 yards because of the signs on each side of the path with honored angels. We were also exhausted...hello 20 miles and it was a tough last 4 or so. But in true princess fashion we pulled out our best smiles and hammed it up for the camera. Yep that's what we do.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I was remiss in my wording a few posts back and would like to retract a previous statement. Andy will not be hired as a pack mule for the upcoming race as that brings to mind sweaty, not so fresh smelling and certainly not fleet footed beasts, if you will. No, Andy has been hired as the pitt crew. That has a much nicer ring to it, don't you think? It also redefines his responsibility to the two well honed, high performance machines that he will be working with on October 18th. :) So Andy, my new friend, you are the pitt crew chief. Glad to have you on the team.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting there!!

I am finally making some progress toward my fundraising goal. Thank you to all who have donated so far and please keep passing along my info to your family and friends who might be feeling philanthropic. Wanted to share a link with some pics of our honored teammate. He is little Alexander. His nickname is Gubben and he is such a cutie. Thanks to all your support he is doing well and heading back to school. And he is getting to play soccer. Shouldn't all little boys get to play soccer? :) SO thanks you guys, your support means a lot.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Peeping the tats

Speaking of tats. Thanks to my running shorts and a 20 mile run, I am sporting a bar code-esque tramp stamp on my low back. Take a look.

Nice right? Yeah that is one tattoo you will never see on this body.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cute stuff

Ok seriously? How cute is this stuff? I think these two pieces will have to come home with me as souvenirs of my kick butt marathon experience. Love love love them

20 miles

Steph and I love to take pictures when we are running. Well, I love to take pictures and she always has her iphone so I make her take them. Must document every aspect of this thing. So for our 10 mile run, one of our teammates actually had a crew of shooters out on the course. Steph got some of the pictures and so in honor of our 20 mile run here is our commemorative photo. We had to use all four hands to represent. I hope we looked that happy yesterday. :)