Monday, July 9, 2012

Dead Horse Bay

I found out about Dead Horse Bay last year and thought my mom wold be chomping at the bit to go explore a 50 year old capped dump that burst, spilling trash out onto the beach for the last 40 or so years. Oh and it's called Dead Horse Bay because before it was a dump, it had a horse rendering plant. You get the picture? Yeah, so did she and she wanted NO part of it. Chicken!!! So it only took me about 8 months to talk someone in to going with me. Amanda and I grabbed a Zip Car and spent a blissful 3 hours by ourselves digging up old bottles on a quiet Brooklyn beach.

It took numerous soakings in bleach water to remove the sediment and scum from the bottles but what treasures!

And then we had a party and I had the perfect little bottles to fill with wildflowers as tablescape. 
Who wants to go next?