Friday, November 11, 2011

Let the Window Shopping BEGIN!

I love store windows. Not necessarily just during the holidays but they do usually put on a little more sparkle this time of the year. And Bendel's and Bergdorf's are my two all time favs. I took a little trip uptown today and since I got diverted by a Veteran's Day Parade, I only hit Bendel's but it was so worth it. So here is a little sneak peak. The holidays are coming Kids! Have you been good little boys and girls this year?

New Style Blog

On 11.11.11 I finally brought to fruition something I had been cooking up for probably a  little over a year. I began shooting eye wear a few years ago. Mostly , well not mostly, all product shots. Oddly enough I really enjoy it and I think the pieces are actually quite beautiful. I get into a complete state of Zen when it's me and a few trays of frames and those of you who know me, know I don't really do Zen. So once I moved to New York, I began to see with new eyes, all the people around with great glasses and with great style. Since I have never needed glasses (before you get all twitchy, I am getting to that age where the ones I now have will be more functional and less for style purposes and I am ok with that so simmer down) I guess I hadn't really noticed them until I moved here. And here, let me tell you, so many people just look great in general.
And so last night, I birthed a style blog called Framed & Focused, dedicated to eye wear and people who rock their frames hard.  First up was the ever stylish Beth Jones in some sunnies from Crossroads, followed by Crazy Aunt Lindsey in some optical frames by Tortoise & Blonde. So if you wear glasses out of necessity or just as a fashion statement be sure to put together your whole look because you never know when I might tap you on the shoulder and ask to shoot you for my blog. It could happen.

New post will be up tomorrow so go check it out!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tooooo BUSY!

WOW. Let me repeat that. WOW. I feel like the days just FLY by. What happened to OCtober??? I am not kidding when I say I would have to look at my iCal to remember. ANd no it's NOT because I am becoming a woman of a certain age.  And now here we are already on the 10th day of November. Would it help if I started digging in my heels? Make it slow down. Make it STOP for a minute. Although I do really want next week to get here because the rents arrive but that will make the next few weeks go by even faster I am quite sure of it! Kind of a catch 22 now isn't it? OK I have lots of fun stuff in the pipeline and I will hopefully have the time to share soon. In the meantime, a little teaser of something I am working and am hoping to launch very soon. Beth Jones of BJones Style was visiting the city in October and I got to shoot her for her style blog which was a real treat. It is always fun to shoot interesting and beautiful people and things.  With Beth I got both. She is a WHIZ at styling her looks and a genuine beauty inside and out.  Here are a few of the shots from her visit.

Stay tuned for more soon.