Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rabbit Hole Redo-Stripes

The Rabbit Hole continues to be a work in progress, although at this point there are only a couple little projects before it will be "done." For now. I am sure I will get itchy for change in a year or so. It's a trait I seem to have inherited from my mom. So here is the latest. I had painted a shape on  my bedroom wall that in my head was much better than the reality turned out to be. I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either and the room just didn't quite feel right. So when the Rents were here in November, we brainstormed and decided that a thick horizontal stripe might be lovely. So I had paint chips pinned to my wall for the last three months. Don't want to rush into anything. :) Anyway, this last weekend I got super motivated and decided IT WAS TIME. So Saturday I painted over the wall with white and taped off the Stripes and by Sunday I had a whole new room....and it's PERFECT!  Here is the before.

The In The Middle

And finished. Love it.