Thursday, January 12, 2012


Are you feeling Blue?
Or in this instance Pink and Droopy?
Perk up Buttercup.....errrr TulUP
Sometimes it's as simple as a little water or nourishment.
And that can be emotional, physical or spiritual nourishment. 
So what do you Need today? 
Make sure you get it!

PS. She was just thirsty. :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What TIME is it???

Time to get your BLING on Kid!!! 
Do it! 
Shine, Sparkle, Glitter, Glisten, Twinkle, Shimmer.
DO what YOU DO!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Artist Date of 2012

I took a jaunt out to the BK for an exhibit at the Museum on art of the American 20's called Youth & Beauty. While I was not "allowed" to take pics in that exhibit there were other photo worthy opps while I made my way there. Again with the tree thing. See what I mean. 

If you look closely you can see the image, Me AND the Tree.

Bummed this piano was used in an art piece, I really want one in my apartment.

Let's Dance

Art Deco Love


How much do I love Instagram? SOOOO Much. I shoot with it EVERy day. Thought I would share some of my favs.

Yeah, Did I mention I Love Instagram?


My birthday of course! Well it may not be Your best day ever but it sure is mine every year. :) Although I was solo this year I spent the day doing what I love to do in the city that I love living in. Who could ask for more? I went to my FAVorite store, Henri Bendel, to browse and shop and generally hang out. (I should probably apply for employment for crying out loud) Then I walked around the city and made my way to the Times Square Visitor Center. It's a gorgeous building (which I am a SUCKER for) with all kinds of fun things to do inside. Now let me preface this with, Times Square is not my favorite place in the city, BUT they have the New Year's Eve Ball on display and I really wanted to check it out. I even got to take pics with it. Besides it's huge and sparkly, what's not to love?

Carolina BBQ

You know I had to get some BBQ and sweet Tea while I was in NC. And both boxes were filled at Bunn's Barbeque down the road a bit from Edenton. While different from the BBQ I grew up on still yummy in it's own right. And the people were sweeter than the tea.

Mom caught me shooting

Thanks to the Bunn's guy we all got in the shot

I get my talent from my Mom!
And my good looks!
(Well Dad is pretty handsome too)