Saturday, February 26, 2011

Temper Tantrums

I heard a young child outside my window this afternoon head for a temper tantrum. He was shrieking and yelling in that high pitched fervor that you know well if you have ever been around children. His mom must have gotten the upper hand because it didn’t last long but it made me smile to myself and think “Yeah I could use one of those on occasion” Sure I am an adult and I have more constructive ways of handling my emotions. I know how to deal with people when they hurt me or let me down or do things I just don’t understand. Yeah I am talking to you. It doesn’t make those things any less frustrating or hurtful but I know how to move on. But once in a while wouldn’t it be fun to have a full blown temper tantrum? I thought maybe we adults should be allowed one per month but that may be excessive. Heck if I saw someone throw themselves down in the middle of 13th and actually have one it might curb my desire a little but I am not convinced they don’t have some merit. I have a theory that it could help with the alcohol abuse in this country but that is strictly theory. I did have a tantrum myself, years ago. I was going through some pretty crappy stuff at the time and I got frustrated with my computer of all things. Just takes something small to set you off doesn’t it. Mind you I had never let my anger out that way....Never. And honestly when it was happening it was kind of frightening. I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to be able to get it under control.Thankfully after I kicked a few things and yelled a little, it subsided. And thankfully no one was there to witness me go a little crazy. And thankfully I didn’t toss my computer off the balcony. See, maybe a little tantrum now and then is right on par with a good cry. A little cleanser for the soul if you will. Try it for yourself. Just don’t throw it in the middle of my block or I might have to stop and laugh a little.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Create on my Wall

My bedroom is quite small so I have been struggling with decorating decisions since the bed platform was built. I finally came up with an idea a month or so ago and finally got around to doing it. It has been in stages for some odd reason. First I had to make a "stencil" for the shape I wanted because of the size I knew I couldn't just free hand it. So I finally had that drawn on the wall and it has taken me another week to actually pull out the paint and get it going. Here is where we are now. I still want to embellish around the shape and once it is dry I am going to write "Create" inside. I am hoping that when I awake each morning, that is the first thing I see and it stokes my motivation each and every day.

Coat Week-Day 7

Well I missed a few days even though I had these in the can. Ooops. Here is Day 7 of Coat Week and I saved the best for last. I think this is by far my most favorite coat. I love the color, I love the shape and details. I got it here in New York a few years ago from Banana. It was on sale and I have never regretted spending that money. I wear it all the time. It hasn't aged at all and neither has my love for it. What do you think?

Coat-Banana Republic, Top-F21, Sweater-UO,Jeans-Uniglo, Boots-Wild Diva

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Coat Week-Day 6

Almost there kids. It was back to blustery, cold, winter today, thankfully, so I got to wear one of my newest coats. Another BB Dakota that  I got for a Look Book shoot. Again, love the buttons and military feel of it. They do it well. 

The lighting was kinda pretty by my coat closet today.

Coat-BB Dakota, Top-QS Women's, Tights-Century 21, Boots-Franco Sarto

Friday, February 18, 2011

Coat Week-Day 5

Well I can't say today was anything near coat weather. Wow, almost 70 degrees here in the big city. So nice that I wore sandals to go get a much needed pedicure. But I must press on with Coat Week. Even if I wear a tank top underneath it to go out. :) But look, I finally did my hair. That has to count for something.  I got this coat last spring  on a photoshoot for BB Dakota. It's from their Jack line and I love it. Such cute buttons. I could buy almost everyone of their coats. They make great stuff. Go check them out. Their Fall 2011 is divine! I can't wait for it to come out. I will be adding to my coat collection.

Coat-Jack, Top-Sparkle & Fade, Jeans-Uniglo, Shoes-Luichiny, Necklace-MJ Original

Alex London

So incredibly honored to have an image from the fashion show on Alex London's website.  Hope to work with her in the future cause girl has got some talent!

Fall 2011 link on the right side!!

Coat Week-Day 4

Good gracious, it was barely cold enough for a coat today. I can't believe I picked this week to do coat week. Although I do love this raincoat I got from H&M last fall. It's the perfect light weight coat for days like today. Mind you it was 62 degrees here today. 2 degrees warmer than LA. Just saying. 

Coat-H&M, Jeans-Uniglo.  Boots_Steve Madden,- Sweater-Urban.Necklace-Cynthia Rowley for Roxy,Scarf-random pashmina

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coat Week-Day 3

Day 3-Is it bad that this is the third day in a row that I just can't pull it together to actually dry my hair. Maybe it has become a little too high maintenance. Wait this is coat week not hair week. Riiiight. I picked up this little royal blue number last year on a trip to Wyoming. I believe it was actually in Fort Collins that I bought it. Nordstrom Rack to be exact. I love the military detail and the color is fab.

Coat-Guess, Jeans-Uniglo, Boots-Wild DIva, Headband-F21

Say Yes to BlueBerries.

While my friend Laurel was in town, she got a swag bag at a conference and since her luggage was already full to begin with she passed on some of her bootie to me. Yaaaay Swag Bag! I am trying the Yes to Blueberries, Intensive Skin Repair Serum. Will let you know how it works. 

Working Girl

Thanks to Myles I have a shot of me during Fashion Week. Work it! Still can't believe I wore those heels all day long. Live and learn.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coat Week-Day 2

Day 2-Merona Camel Coat

I got this baby at Target just a few weeks ago for $30. Can't beat that for an end of the season score. I had been in the market for a classic camel coat and for now this will fit the bill as well as the budget.

Coat-Merona, Jacket-UO/70, Top-F21, Jeans-Uniglo, Boots-Sam Edelman, Necklace-Cynthia Rowley for Roxy

Coat Week-Day 1

It's a little bit like Shark Week.....ok not really. Here goes. How many of you know of my love for coats?? Nice, ok you can put your hands down now. It's really no secret, I love coats. I used to have a closet full of them when I lived in California. Waiting. Does anyone get the irony of that? The state that is typically 75 degrees on Christmas day. Yeah. Stay with me kids. So needless to say now that I live in New York, I am like a pig in....well you know. I get to wear them all the time. Well from November to March at least. So I decided this would be coat week. I would wear one a day and blog about them. Not to worry, I won't get verbose but I will post pics. :)

It was a little warmer yesterday so I opted for my Roxy jacket that is a touch lighter than my normal coats. I did layer a sweater underneath though. Hello, it's not exactly Spring just yet. Love the cool buttons on the pockets.

Coat-Roxy, Sweater-Mossimo, Shirt-Cecico, Skirt-BCBG Max Azria, Tights-F21, Boots-Nine West, Necklace-LD Gifted

Alex London

This show BLEW me AWAY. Everything about it was perfection. The dresses were gorgeous. Hello, bows, feathers, flowy, twisted, need I go on? The styling was amazing. Everything about it was Dialed in and fantastic.I wish I could post ALL of the pics.

Now on to the singles.

Love, love, LOVED it.
Congrats Alex