Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm BAAAAcccckkk

Finally!!! I think I am back to running. Praise the Lord and a big fat Hallelujah. I didn't think I would ever get here. Ran last weekend. Not very far but I ran. Then I ran on Thursday. I think it ended up being maybe a mile and a half. Then today it was supposed to be raining but I woke up to gorgeous blue skies so I laced up and headed out. I warmed up a little bit and then ran half a mile with a .1 mile walk. I lasted 45 minutes with probably a good 3 miles of actual running. Oh yeah and totally sucking wind. Holy moly I am so out of shape. Brutal, to go from running a marathon, feeling great to 4 months of sad little cardio workouts and now all my conditioning has to start all over. Booo. But YAAAAY I am running!!!! That is really all that matters. The endurance will come back, I know that. SO, yaaay. Wait let me say it again...YYYAAAAAAAYYY!!! I am back. Look forward to more silly running blogs to come. Cause let me tell you my brain does funny things out there on that trail.