Friday, March 25, 2011


Our first night in Austin we tried to see a few bands since it WAS SXSW. We succeeded but only slightly as work took a high priority. On the way from one venue to another we got caught up in what I can only describe as New Orleans street parade slash Marching Band city takeover slash Pied Piper Extravaganza. They were called MarchFourth and they were Outstanding. I can't even begin to describe so I will just go with pics (you know that whole a picture is worth a thousand words thing) but I don't know if that will even do it justice as I was so caught up in the moment.

Five Friday Favorites

I am starting a new thread here at CC! Every Friday, to wrap up the week, I will share 5 things I am loving at the present! So here we go!!

1. Pancakes. Can not get enough. My friend Amanda and I have been having pancake breakfasts on Fridays to catch up and have some girl time. How cute are these little mancakes? Might have to try this out one week.

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker Recipes.

2. Tortoise & Blonde. Brand Spanking new Eye wear company that is launching on April 4th. I rocked these all weekend. 

Go get yours HERE.

3. Pink and Aqua. As you can tell from my Pinterest boards, I am quite fond of these two colors. What? You don't know of Pinterest? Well I didn't either til my friend Laurel turned me onto it this week. Go check it out NOW kids!

4. Bay Blanket Cardigan. There are only a few more weeks where a sweater will be appropriate and I am loving my new Quiksilver Women's sweater I just got. It is the perfect infusion of color on a dreary New York day. Go get one for yourself. 

Photos Credit: Quiksilver

5. Last but certainly not least, I have to give a shout out to my GAtors!! Going to the Elite 8. Gosh I love College Sports. It's the Southern Girl in me through and through. We take our College Sports Seriously.  So go Team! Let's take this all the way shall we.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sanctuary Printshop

On the other side of the Tortoise & Blonde booth at StyleX was Sanctuary Printshop. They had a pretty sweet setup complete with an El Camino and some serious screen printing. I was so drawn to all the poppy colors and the ink. I wanted so badly to finger paint with it. But then my camera would have gotten all goopy and it would have gone down hill from there. So I had to be satisfied with taking a few photos. Le Sigh

Why, oh why didn't I make a tshirt? 

By Samii Ryan

This girl is so Cute! Her name is Samii Ryan and she was in the booth next to us at STyleX. I wish I had had more than a minute to talk with her, but it was a little nutty!  Look how great she looks in the Tortoise & Blonde in the Kenmare. 

And go check out her website. She has some great stuff!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Style X

What a WHIRLwind Weekend. I was blessed to head down to SXSW with a RAD new Eyewear Company for the first ever StyleX in Austin, TX. Let me tell you kids, it was Awesome! Tortoise & Blonde was the darling of the show! It was the first ever showing of their product and people loved it! The booth was dialed and the T&B Team were having a great time introducing their labor of love! I see Big things in their future! A few sneak peaks of the weekend with more to come!

Online Sales begin on April 4th, here, but be sure to check out their FB page in the meantime for up to the minute info!
Check out all the coverage of StyleX here.

Are you ready for Summer?

Quiksilver Women's is! Just got a sweet shipment from QS Women's and I can't wait to rock it in the NYC when the weather starts to warm up.

Bay Blanket Cardigan


Gypsy Tour True Blue Shorts


QSW Love Potion Vest


QSW Triple Threat Tank


Echo Check Reversible Bikini


Yep I better get back on that running program cause I am also thinking about picking up this little number.

Iconic String Bikini


Come on Summer!!
Head on over here for all your QS Women's goodies!!

All Images courtesy of Quiksilver.

Quiksilver Women's Launch

I recently got to shoot for my old employer, Quiksilver Women's in their Soho store for a launch of some of their new product, which I might add is fantastic. We did a super fun photo booth and I took some shots of the store and and event happenings.

Be sure to go check out all the great new product  here!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kristi Vosbeck Designs.

Here it is folks. The fashion shoot I filmed during Fashion Week for my friend Kristi. Thanks to Myles Sorenson for cutting all the footage together. Doesn't she do beautiful work??

Check out here website  here.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I concur wholeheartedly,


Love, love, love Anthro.  I mean come on, seriously. What those kids can do with clothespin and paper is amazing.


I am heading to Austin, TX next week for SXSW. I have been planning my outfits for the trip with my handy dandy Stylit that I got from Beth Jones of It is a fantastic little helpmate.I even did my best to sketch out my outfits. I still have flight days to figure out but this is making it a cinch and I am sure packing will be painless as well. Thanks Beth!

Look out Austin, here I come.