Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Flotilla

When my friend Deidre was in town a few weeks ago, we walked though Central Park on one of her last days. While we were there I picked up an events calendar for the Park and saw they were going to have a Pumpkin Parade on the little lake at the north end of the Park. While there is of course ice skating, I think the calendar of events is going to get quite slim now that winter will be here soon. So I wanted to take advantage of this little bit of fall fun. Off I went on the train at around 4:30 to 110th Street. Only when I ran the Park a few weeks ago have I been that far north in the Park. It is actually much more serene because it is away from the touristy areas. It was quite a scene with little ones all dressed up, pumpkin carving demos and a little costume parade before the big pumpkin send off on the floats. Such a fun way to celebrate Fall.

Martha Stewart Show

Most of you know that I LOVE Martha Stewart. I want to work for her company so bad. I have been fortunate to get to work as an assistant on a shoot at her home and it just cemented my admiration for her. She is quirky and cool which not many people can pull off well. As I wandered near my neighborhood one day a month or so back I ran across her studios on 26th Street. So when I got home I put in a request for show tickets. Yep, they came and I went last Wednesday and I ended up in the front row. While I wasn't able to take pictures during the taping I did get some shots before hand. Bummer too because Bette Midler (love her) was the guest and she was a crackup! May have to do that again.


It's already been a busy few weeks and now October will be over before I know it. I have had a few jobs which is good. I am starting to get a tad stir crazy. Not that I don't have plenty to keep me busy but I definitely am more productive when I have a lot on my plate. So my latest apartment project as been my new chairs. I won a set of arm chairs on Ebay but they were in Pittsburg so my cousin Erin picked them up for me and we finally met last weekend to do the hand off. Now comes the task of redoing them. I found an amazing fabric at Mood a few months ago and have been itching to get it and get this project going. Mind you I have never recovered chairs before and when I first started ripping them apart I felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew. Now, I am almost done and they are going to be fabulous. My only major decision now is do I paint the wood pink, plum or go safe and do white. Still deciding so I am at a small stand still . Here are the shots of the progress so far.

Good Golly there were a TON of staples!! More to come!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rabbit hole Redo

Oh my darling little apartment. We have dubbed it the Rabbit Hole. It has a very Alice in Wonderland quality. Often I feel the need to drink a potion to make me smaller to fit in the space and other times it feels just right. In the meantime I am settling in and loving this little space. Here are the latest fun things I have done to this little pied a terre.

I painted the table that my rents made out of the scrap wood from my bed cause yeah they rock. Now I am working on my new chairs. Pics to come! The Rabbit Hole is becoming a proper home!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Look Mom!!

I found you a boat. :)

OC Invasion

My Santa Ana girls stormed the city and of course we had a blast. Robin, Deidre and Dana made my last few days delightful. We walked, we saw, we ate, we shopped and we laughed.

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge the first day and down to Lady Liberty. We walked back up to my hood, we walked to dinner. My feet should hurt more. We walked Soho, we walked the Park, we walked the Met and we walked my hood some more. I was so busy walking and talking I didn't really shoot all that much. Eh C'est la vie, sometimes it's nice to just live life and not worry so much about capturing it all in camera.

Quick trip to CA

Well hello LA. You look lovely from here.

The OC in the NYC

My friend Maxine came out to NYC for a weekend celebration for her bachelorette party. While the weekend was jam packed with events, I only got to attend the first night which included a stop at the Brooklyn Brewery (quirky little place) and the Brooklyn Bowl, which was amazing. I will let the pics speak for themselves.

Birthday Bash

My new beau Clifford had a birthday. He does birthdays well. Old friends fly in, new friends join in the fun and he plans quite the festive event. We started out at the Bridge Cafe with his 4 best buddies who could make it to NYC, where Lucia totally treated us. She is the bartender there that we have befriended and she is darling. She made him a birthday sign and brought out peanut butter pie. So cute.

From there, we moved on to the next event which was cigars sent from Clifford Sr all the way from Detroit for the boys to enjoy. We had scouted earlier in the month for the perfect view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It was magical.

The boys smoked and we shot well past sunset as the lights came up on Manhattan and Brooklyn. This city is so beautiful at night.

From there we headed to Stecchino in Hell's Kitchen for an amazing Italian meal, where 6 more of Cliff's friends joined us. The food was great, the conversation was animated and the festivities continued.

After dinner we headed a few doors down to Vintage where even more friends joined. Cliff held court while I got to know Kristi and Jackie a little better. Great ladies. It was quite a night and according to C "a birthday for the history books". Happy Birthday!!

Where did September Go?

Wow it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. My parents were in, I have a a whole new bedroom, celebrated Clifford's birthday and my friend Maxine's bachelorette weekend, flew to CA and had my friends Robin, Dana and Deidre in town. Whew. I need a nap. I will do individual posts on all of the above because there were some really fun shots and adventures. Let's start with the rents visit because they are awesome. I have a sweet new bedroom set up complete with under bed storage, closet and drawers. Oh and a new console table from the scrap wood. Check it out.

It's a beauty and now I have room to store my clothes and such. So I finally feel like I am getting settle in. When we weren't making sawdust storms in my apartment we were walking the city and eating really great food. So glad my rents dig it here. Can't wait for the other half to visit too.