Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 8

Really want to be running again? When Lord? When? Good news is knee is feeling much better in general. Bad news is it still hurts when I actually try to run. I did start some aqua therapy today which was interesting to say the least. Running in a pool with a ski belt tied around my waist and bungee chorded to the side of the pool doesn't afford much forward movement. I still don't get it as the actual movement of running doesn't hurt, but the foot strike is where I get pain. Not a lot of foot strike in 6 feet of water but what do I know? Doc said to give it 6 weeks of therapy and if I still can't run then he would script an MRI. The funny part is that the PT told me today if I hadn't told him which knee was hurt he would have guessed the left. I guess the therapy I have been doing is helping, since it is the right knee that is cranky. :) Stay tuned.