Thursday, May 14, 2009

Team in Training

I have gone and done it. I have signed up to run a marathon. Why you ask? I am quite sure I will be asking that same question in about three months. But for now here is my reasoning.

1. I have always wanted to.
2. I am an able bodied (well most of the time) human being with a desire to push myself out of my box.
3. I looove to run.
4. Since my foot and knee finally feel pretty good (after a long recovery from foot surgery) I figure why not.
5. BY joining Team in Training I will be able to raise money for people living with blood cancers and I think that is the best reason of all. 

I will be  blogging about my experience here and on my vox blog so check back often and cheer me on, shake your head in disbelief, feel my pain after the long run of 22 miles and donate money to the LLS because it's a really good cause. Here is the link

And if you are in San Francisco the weekend of October 18 this year come out and wave at me as I fly by with a  smile on my face. :)

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