Monday, July 20, 2009

10 miles

Well I signed the recommitment papers on Saturday so it looks like I am really going to try to do this thing called a marathon. As I was running my 10 miles on a cranky knee and foot I realized how very far I still have to go. My marathon is 3 months away. That is a lot of miles still to run. It seems a little daunting right now. I have to keep telling myself it is not all about the end result but about all the miles in between. I need to enjoy this a little more. No I take that back. I am enjoying it I think I just sometimes feel like I should be getting faster. I realized it is so different from a half. It's a marathon, not a sprint and I have to remind myself of what my goals are for this. Finish, stay healthy and have fun. Oh yeah and raise lots of money for Team in Training.  Maybe I should get a bracelet that has those words on it.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9 miles

I am too tired to be verbose.  Work has been crazy and stressful. Weekend was fun filled and busy. Saturday was 9 miles and let's suffice it to say it was 6:30 am, sunny, beautiful and actually pretty good. 1 hour 39 minutes.  A little slower than normal but I got to chat with one of my teammates for the last half. And since my goals for this race are to finish, stay healthy and have fun, I think Saturday was a step in the right direction. Sunday was a 5 mile recovery run that turned into a 4 mile recovery run, because based on scheduling, I had to run it at high noon and it was brutally hot out. I thought at one point I might be getting heat rash as I got kinda prickly, so I doused myself at the nearest fountain and headed for home. All in all feeling pretty good. Bring on 10.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I am not sure it is a good idea to hit the farmer's market after an 8 mile run. I think I got a tad overzealous. But wow doesn't it look yummy.

Miles to go Before I sleep

Can you tell which shoes already have 40 miles on them?

Happy Feet

In honor of America's birthday on Saturday I decided to paint my toes red. And since I have heard rumors that I will either end up with a black or possibly missing toenail though this whole process, I figured I should take advantage of the toe estate I have in the meantime. Happy Belated birthday America.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Easy Run?

So this afternoon was my easy recovery run of 4 miles. I wanted to take the time and calibrate my new ipod sensor. Why? Because I am a total techno geek.  I also decided that even though it was only 4 miles I was going to wear my new “hydration belt” so I can keep getting used to it before race day. I hate hydration belts cause they bounce all over the place and I can’t stand that. But I got a  new one this weekend and wore it Saturday with not so bad results. It has a cute little pocket for my sport beans and my GPS transmitter. It didn’t bounce too bad once I started drinking the water. ANd I scoot it way down on my hips instead of on my waist which is way more comfy to me. A lot of this stuff is personal preference and I personally prefer to not have water bottles banging me in the kidneys. There is way more cushion in the gluteus medius area of my body.  So off I go. My hydration belt strapped on, my GPS in my pocket, my watch searching for said GPS, my ipod nano patiently waiting for me to “press the center button to begin calibration”. But wait I have to wait for my GPS sensor to pick up so I can track a mile and calibrate my ipod Nike +.  Good thing I walk for a bit to get warmed up. Finally it registers my pace and I hit all the start buttons and take off running. WAIT A Minute!!!! Why is my hydration belt bouncing all over like there’s a 7 on the Richter scale rocking Orange County? This will not do. I keep sliding it down to be more along my hips and it keeps sliding up and bouncing like mad. I push it down again and this time it starts to slide past my gluteus maximus and I have to pull it back up. Grrrr. Ok I know I have been running a lot but I have not lost THAT much weight. It was ridiculous. And I couldn’t stop because I was trying to calibrate my stupid sensor.  Ok my nice easy recovery run that I was feeling pretty good about was turning into a nightmare. I finally got to a mile, so my sensor was all set up and I could walk a bit to regroup.  Apparently the shorts I wore for Saturday’s run were a bit less slippery. A little friction goes along way it seems. I had gotten the large so I could wear it low and tight at my hips but I determined that my hydration belt will be going back to the store for a smaller size. I am just glad I didn’t pull it off and chuck it in the bushes like I really wanted to. I finally got my tank top pulled down enough to give me some grip and the belt sorta stayed in place long enough for me to settle into a decent pace. It was beautiful out and I chided myself for not appreciating my lovely surroundings and letting a silly little frustration suck the joy out of my run. I was grateful for my new book by Dawn Dais as I recalled her stories of training.  This was nothing compared to some of her runs. SO I buckled in and started to enjoy the sunshine, the cool breeze we are still enjoying at the beginning of July, the fact that I was not limping along the trail after running 8 yesterday. All in all nothing to complain about. I also had a little reality check in that I remembered why exactly I am doing this. Oh sure it is a personal goal of mine but that pales in comparison to what my honored teammates go through every day. I started thinking about little “Gubben”. I started thinking about Cory. I started thinking about Ramon. I started thinking about Emma, who is one of my teammates who is running with us and announced that yesterday was her 2 year anniversary of her diagnosis. What exactly am I complaining about? Not to take away from the challenge that I am undertaking and I will definitely need some pats on the back and encouragement along the way. But today, I got a little perspective shift and in the end 4 miles wasn’t so bad after all. I even got a little silly toward the end when I started thinking about all the crap I had strapped to me. I started to feel like a test case subject. I have my GPS which transmits to my watch. I have my Nike + sensor which transmits to my ipod. I have my hydration belt. I have my Road ID tag on my shoe with my emergency numbers. It’s a wonder I don’t get electrocuted when my hydration belt shoots water out of the bottles when I don’t shut them completely. The scary thing is.....I started to consider strapping on my heart rate monitor too. Somebody stop me. :)  On second thought, get out there and cheer me on. 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

8 miles

I am up to the 8 mile marker in my training. The last few weeks have been tough and have me a tad concerned about how I am going to survive the next 4 months. Nothing hurts physically which I am so grateful for. It is more a mental issue that I seem to be having. Well that and a lack of endless energy reserves. I may need to rework some of my food and fluid intake to make this running a little more manageable. Hey, that is what training is for right? I went to Borders to get a book on running so that I was well informed on what to expect for the next few months and ended up finding a great little book that has me in stitches. It is called  “The non-runner’s marathon guide for women”. Written  by Dawn Dais and I have to say she has me giggling like a schoolgirl because I actually LOve running and yet I have had some of the exact same thoughts that she writes about.  Some of her commentary on the running schedule include.....

Week 4: This is about the time your body starts realizing  that this training stuff isn’t just a phase. Be patient while it adjusts.

Week 10: Halfway home...if your home was, like, 300 miles away.

Week 11: You will actually utter the words “I only have to run nine miles this Saturday.” My how times have changed.

Week 16: Sweet Mary some planes fly to destination fewer miles away than this.

Week 18: Your muscles are starting to get confused. “Why are you being so gentle?” Don’t tell them, let them enjoy this time.

Good stuff. I have already read four chapters in the book today and I may have to reread it numerous times over the course of this undertaking. 

So I made it through 8 miles yesterday and I say made it through because mile 3 to mile 6 were tough. I don’t know if my music was not inspiring enough, or I didn’t drink enough water on friday to be well hydrated or my peanut butter toast was having trouble getting my muscles to actually use that fuel. Regardless for about three miles I questioned my ability to do this. Which is a bummer because last week, I envisioned crossing the finish line and  actually got misty and thought “I am actually going to run a marathon” My how a week can totally change your perspective. However when you are struggling to keep running and having an argument in your own head about the merits of one more step, you actually come up with some very interesting thoughts. I decided that this marathon training may be the closest I ever get to experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. Now don’t get me wrong I do hope to have a child someday but in the event that that

is not in my future, I think I have a pretty good idea of what it might be like. For example, in the beginning you are all excited and can’t wait to share the news. AM I right? The a few weeks in the novelty wears off a bit and the morning sickness/ mileage sets in and it’s not as fun as you’d envisioned. As I am technically only in the first trimester, I am just projecting from here on out. You get past that little bump in the road and things settle down a bit as the big day gets a little closer. You have good weeks and bad weeks. Swollen feet, back aches, you crave pickles (must replace lost salts after long runs), but all in all things are going well. Then you get to the big day. In the beginning you are apprehensive but excited. Things start happening, moving. You think you have prepared well and are ready for this. Then about halfway through as your body is screaming out in pain, you start to think “I changed my mind!!! I don’t want to do this anymore.” You hear your body yelp “Whose idea was this?” as you look around for someone to blame.  Somehow through breathing and a coach who comes along side of you to cheer you on, you push through and settle into a state of numb. Am I out on a limb here kids? Thankfully you cross the finish line and in my case a very handsome man hands me a beautiful little gift, albeit it in a blue box and not a blue blanket this time around. And in your exhilaration and post event bliss you forget all the pain and effort and you hear a little voice in your head say “that wasn’t so bad, i could do it again someday”.