Tuesday, February 25, 2020

5 Freaking 0

Haaaaa I wrote this in September and apparently forgot I had tried to get into the NY marathon last year. Well I didn't forget but I didn't get in so I let it simmer for a few more months. And now it's the end of February and I'm 5 weeks away from Paris. WOW! I've been training and reading about training and doing lots of recovering because.....50. But PARIS IS 5 WEEKS AWAY!!! I'm getting so excited!! 

"I'm turning 50 this year. It's such a weird statement to make because I don't feel half a century old. Not even on my tough days do I feel almost 50. But it's a milestone birthday so naturally I have people asking me "what are you doing for your 50th?" I've gone back and forth between a big party in NYC with family and friends to trips to Morocco and Italy and everywhere in between. The only problem is that my birthday is on December 29th and this is the first year in 49 that being born on that day has caused me stress. I never minded it even though its right between Christmas and New Years and I never got to have a party at school because we were always on vacation. My mom was always great about keeping it a separate event from Christmas so I never felt lost in the holiday shuffle. But in trying to decide how to celebrate the Big 5-0 I determined that ⁠
A. NYC is expensive, in December especially, so people won't come.⁠
B. People want to be with their families on holidays, so that ruled out a trip. ⁠
What if you throw a party and nobody comes? Not even the two people who got you here in the first place...ouch. ⁠
SO, instead I registered to run the Paris Marathon in April of 2020. It's been on my proverbial Bucket List for 15 years, thwarted by a foot surgery in 2007. I am going to push this 50 year old body to run the streets of Paris for 26.2 miles and all the miles it will take to get me there. It's been a while since I pushed my physical and mental limits and it is time. So here's to the 5 (freaking) 0, I'm coming for you."

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