Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun on Friday

The hunt for NYC Apartment continues. We had an appointment to see a place on Fort Greene so we decided to stick around Brooklyn in the morning. We hopped the train and headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge, near the park and planned to walk around there and check out a little DUMBO. We found a cute little cafe to have lunch and it was family owned with seemingly all of the family members in attendance either waiting tables, bartending, cooking or hawking gelato out front. They were all so nice and it was sweet to see such teamwork. It was called 7 on Old Fulton. Hmm maybe there were 7 of them in the family.

Walking around DUMBO after lunch we stumbled on an old Carousel that is soon to be relocated to a spot in the park. It was so beautiful but we didn't get any shots. Boo Photo FAIL. We also popped into a little art/bookstore and mom bought a novel to read on the plane. It wasn't til we got home that she realized it was actually a signed copy. Score Mom. The views fro under the bridge while we were walking around were spectacular. I am so enamored with my new city.

We saw the cute little apartment in Fort Greene and it is really cute but definitely my second choice mostly because I really want to be in Manhattan. But we had one more apartment to go check out that evening. So after a little rest at the apartment we headed back into the city to see what 55 9th Street had in store for us. MMMMM while it was in a nice building with a door man and elevator, i just don't think it was the one. Lots of storage but all in one room. So I am hoping we get the one in the Village, because it is by far my fav. So off we went to play tourist for a little respite from all the hunting. Empire State Building here we come. I have never actually been up in it in all the times I have visited. But I finally got my chance and let me tell you Friday night is the night to do it. We didn't have to wait in hardly any lines. It was stellar and mom bought us tix to go to not only the 86th floor but the 102nd also. It was worth it. Amazing how much more you can see up there. While it was a bummer that it was a bit hazy, the views were spectacular. Empire State Indeed.

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