Thursday, July 22, 2010

East Coast Running

Well between packing up my whole house in a week, moving cross country and apartment hunting for a week my running has been on the back burner to say the least. Not to mention it has been Africa hot here since I got in. I think I did 2 runs in the last 3 weeks. Oy. I have been walking like a mad women but it's just not the same. So last night I decided it was high time I went for a real run and I figure why not run the Brooklyn Bridge. Something I have always wanted to do and once I mapped it I realized it is actually very close to my little sublet here in Fort Greene. Out and back had me at 4.5 miles. Perfect. Only 3 turns on the streets and I would be heading up that infamous structure that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. And it was glorious. The weather was perfect. It was early enough that it wasn't super hot yet and there was a good breeze blowing. I headed down DeKalb took a right on Flatbush, which by the way goes right over the Manhattan Bridge, (may have to do that on Saturday), left on Tillary and right on Adams. Adams goes right up the middle, on top of the bridge. It was quite popular, bicyclists, runners, walkers, tourists, all the rage. I took my phone which is new for me but trying to be safe but it also gave me a camera. :) Always the shooter.

The run was lovely and I am so glad to be running again. I am going to go join the New York Road Runners this afternoon. Seems they have quite the quiver of perks and it would be nice to meet some people in this big city. Running circles around my beautiful little Fort Greene park is lovely but I am not a circle runner. I need a loop or an out and back. Today was a testament to that.

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