Monday, July 9, 2012

Dead Horse Bay

I found out about Dead Horse Bay last year and thought my mom wold be chomping at the bit to go explore a 50 year old capped dump that burst, spilling trash out onto the beach for the last 40 or so years. Oh and it's called Dead Horse Bay because before it was a dump, it had a horse rendering plant. You get the picture? Yeah, so did she and she wanted NO part of it. Chicken!!! So it only took me about 8 months to talk someone in to going with me. Amanda and I grabbed a Zip Car and spent a blissful 3 hours by ourselves digging up old bottles on a quiet Brooklyn beach.

It took numerous soakings in bleach water to remove the sediment and scum from the bottles but what treasures!

And then we had a party and I had the perfect little bottles to fill with wildflowers as tablescape. 
Who wants to go next?

Emerald Coast

Just booked tickets home to my beautiful beaches. How beautiful? Well here is an excerpt from the local magazine. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

PS. This is SO TRUE.

June Favs on Framed&Focused

Did you know I started a Fashion Blog? What? Where have you been?? I did! And it's Fun!  Here are my fav shots from Framed&Focused for the month of June! Be sure to go check it out!

Summer Sunset!

Sometimes it is so hot all you can do it lay in the grass and read a book. 
Yep, it's been THAT hot. 
So that is what my Sunday consisted of. Jealous?