Saturday, March 31, 2012


This new blog that I follow (well new to me anyway) often leaves me dumbfounded.  Which is probably why the blog name is so apropos. Honestly WTF has some of the most amazing imagery, cool DIY and just all around rad stuff. Today blew me away. Check out the shots they found on this blog

Now tell me Honestly, How can you not believe in GOD? And how can you not believe He is AMAZING?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Snack Time}

Had a little fun with a comp shoot last night with my neighbor Amanda. She needed some shots for a job she is working on and although we had minimal lighting and a tight time frame, I am not at all unpleased with a couple of the shots. And it definitely lit the shoot fire under my butt so look for more very soon. So which pair do you prefer? Feel free to comment below! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{You've come a long way, Baby}

I have been living in the Rabbit Hole for almost 2 years now. It has become my safe haven from the storm of this city. Don't get me wrong I love this city but it is nice to have a little sanctuary to retreat to when all the hustle and bustle starts to overwhelm. I love sitting at my window every morning to write and watch the parade of neighbors stroll by. I have come to "know" some of them, not personally but just by virtue of seeing them on a regular basis. But that will be another post. This is all about the Rabbit Hole. As I come up on the 2 year mark, I took a look back at where it all started. I remember walking into the apartment with my mom and my broker and falling immediately in love with this little space. I am so thankful we were able to pull off the painstaking process of actually getting the apartment. It has been such a great place to live. And there have been some changes. So here are the before and afters of the last two years. 

It was so bare and crisp and clean and white when I moved in and it has been a slow process of finding exactly the right pieces to fill the space. I was so hesitant to paint but once the Rents convinced me and we started on the job, I was thrilled with the results. I think it makes all the accent pieces as well as the amazing moldings really stand out.

I can't believe how much the kitchen has changed. It is so weird to see this original photo. 

That couch (which becomes a queen sized bed-GREAT purchase) has welcomed so many friends and family!

The fireplace is still a work in progress but I like where it is right now.

Thanks to my Rents I have storage, drawers, a closet and a fantastic apartment.

My home office

The most recent project was the horizontal stripes I added to the bedroom wall.




Monday, March 19, 2012

{The DryBar}

I was walking home from Union Square last week when I stumbled upon The DryBar. I had seen a post on it over at BJones Style but didn't think they had come to the City yet. Obviously I was wrong and oh so glad for that. I can't wait to try them out, especially this summer when it's just too hot to dry my own hair and I end up most days with a wet bun scraped to my head. Not this year kids. Will keep you posted on my first appointment. Check out their site in the meantime.


Who's ready for Spring? Me, me, me. Check out my stack of fun colored denim just in time for Spring!

Friday, March 16, 2012

{The Widow Clicquot}

I have always been a big fan of champagne. I am about 80% girl. I mean girly girl. Trust me when I say I can be a good guy too, in that I can take out the trash and know how to use a drill and a hammer and I know what a wrench is. And while I know how to change a tire I would prefer to let someone else do the dirty work. Hence the girly girl part. So bubbly is naturally my favorite spirit. I love it’s bubbles, I love it’s warm golden color, I love the tall slender flutes with long stems it is best served in. I love that it’s French and that it has to be afforded the time to come into it’s own. Much like a woman. I love that it’s delicate yet hardy, much like a woman. And I love that it can turn any mundane day into a celebration, much like THIS woman. I remember a few years ago, my friend Gina coming to visit me in Ca. She was always my champagne cohort and as we settled into our seats at Houston’s for dinner and a long awaited catch up, we ordered a bottle of Schramsberg to which the waiter responded, “oooh what are we celebrating?” Gina and I looked at each other and said “It’s Tuesday!” He hesitated and walked away, I am sure quite confused, but there in lies one of the differences between men and women, or at least the women in my life. We don’t need a reason to celebrate (or to drink Champagne, although the two often go hand in hand). We just celebrate life because we can. Even when it's crappy. And we should. And Champagne makes that possible. 

Now if I have my Druthers, my favorite Champagne, and I mean that in every sense of the word, is Veuve Clicqout. It is French, which makes it a real Champagne, not a sparkling wine made in the méthode traditionnelle. I am fond of the taste and for some reason unbeknownst to me I have always been drawn to the rich, golden yellow of the labels. And I have always had a fondness for the round face and pink cheeks of the Widow herself that graces the cage on the top of the bottle. So when Borders was going out of business and I was stocking up on books, I ran across a bio on the Widow Clicquot by Tilar J Mazzeo and having just finished it, I am more enamored than ever. What an amazing woman. What an amazing story. What an inspiration. This woman was fearless and tenacious and fantastic. She took the hand life dealt her, which in any time period would be challenging much less in the 1800’s when women were not exactly looked upon as capable, and knocked it out of the park. Not only did she turn a small family business into what is now one of the foremost Champagne houses in the world, she was on the cusp of huge changes in the way the world did business and the birth of international markets. 

Photo courtesy of Napa Style

I fell in love with Riddling Racks a few years ago and always wanted one in my home. They are big pieces of wood typically in an inverted V shape with holes drilled in both sides. The bottles are stored upside down to allow the sediment to collect in the neck before corking. This process makes for the clearest champagne. Come to find out, in a pinch to find a way to clarify Champagne more quickly so as to beat her competitors to market, Barbe Nicole turned her table on it’s side and basically invented the racks that were used for years and years in this integral process. I almost fell off my bed when I read that. Not kidding when I say I am blown away by this woman and her story. While I will not ruin it for you, I highly recommend you pick up this book. And be sure to pop a bottle of the Widow to enjoy while you her story, I am sure she would approve. In the meantime, you will find me at the VC Polo Classic again this year at Governor's Island. Who wants to join me?

Monday, March 12, 2012

{Obsessed is my Middle name}

I have discovered that I, along with EVERYOne else in the Blogosphere, am obsessed with the IT color for Spring. MINT. Love it. Cannot get enough. It's so serene and cool and fresh. I have been on the mad hunt for a piece to add to my wardrobe to sweep out the winter greys. Although Mint and grey are high on my list of pairings. Here are some of my favs rom around the web.

Dying over this furry jacket shot by Tommy Ton at Fashion Week.

Can't wait to pair Mint and Camel. Photo from Collage Vintage Blog.

These loafers from ASOS are on my wish list.

Love the Grey and Mint combo. Image from Bittersweet Colors Blog.

This Brilliant Bauble is also on my wish list, from Oliphant Design.

Guisela Rhein - Vogue Brazil, July 2011
Ph: André Passos

And Honestly, How Beautiful is THIS. 

So Mint it is! I picked up a mint button down from Zara after seeing it on the Honestly WTF Instagram. Those ladies are awesome! And now I can't wait to pair it with Camel, Grey and Navy! Look out Spring!

{MTA Part 2}

And there is always this cuff I have been in love with for ages. I remember seeing it in the MOMA Design store in Soho when I was looking for a gift or a friend. I think my Subway obsession started way before I moved here. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am kind of obsessed with the Subway. It was high on my list when I was considering a move from Ca to NYC. I love mass transit. I do love to drive, well not in New York, but I do love to drive. I just love how accessible everything in the city it by mass transit. I am even getting comfortable with the bus system. But there is something romantic about the Subway. Well now that they have cleaned it up there is. I can't imagine I would have been nearly as enamored back in the days of graffiti and threats of mugging or death. Although I do love the grit of that as well, just glad I am not living that. So in my love affair I am learning all about my new paramour. I remember when I first got here I noticed that some of the trains had artwork in them or poetry amidst all the advertising.

 I found that so lovely and unexpected. Even some of the ads I find really entertaining.

If you get your head out of your book once in awhile (I get it, I am turning into a New Yorker who carries books, I am just saying) you might find some interesting things around you. Take a look. Especially in the stations. They are all different. Some have themes, some have tiles that date back to who knows when, some have real art. 

My 14th Street Station is one of my favorites, with a full fledged art installation throughout the two blocks it runs underground.

I mean, seriously? How cute are these little guys? And they are EVERywhere! Makes me happy when I walk through. 
I have even taken to shooting people on the subway. OK NO, not shooting, shooting, but with  my iphone. Two projects I have running concurrently. One is "Across the Train from Me" because I find the constant shuffle of fellow riders fascinating. The other is my Framed&Focused blog which I shoot people in cool frames on the fly. Keeps my nose out of the book on most rides. 

So my newest obsession with the MTA is finding old subway maps that show cross sections of the depth flow. I want to know how deep the trains go and I want to see it drawn out so it makes sense to me. It's a maddening internet search which, so far has been met with only this one drawing and it does NOT satisfy. 

While it is quite beautiful, not exactly what I am looking for. SO the hunt continues.  In the meantime I did find these really cool Subway Art pieces that were featured in the NewYork Times article titled Your Commute, Your Life, Your Personal Subway Map. My favorite was by Bernard Maisner, although all of them were quite fantastic. 

So down the Rabbit Hole I go on a quest to discover more about my new love. I won't be posting any sticky sweet status updates on FB but you might want to check back as I may wax poetic on occasion. And you know there will be photos.


I am...

Reading......The Widow Clicquot, Lucky, Runner's Mag
Writing........Morning Pages, Cupcake Chronicles
Drinking......Lots of Sambazon and no alcohol (which is a challenge when reading a bio on my favorite champagne maker!)
Wishing.......or nothing really. I am quite content
Driving...haven't driven in almost 6 weeks. Might need a Zipcar day!
Eating......fruits, veggies, Oh heck what Don't I eat?
Watching......Mad Men, He's Just Not That Into You, Downton Abbey, Glee (and i don't even HAVE a TV)
Wanting......Spring to get here for more than a day and maybe a trip to FL to lay on the beach
Shooting....Eyewear and Crazy Aunt Lindsey
Buying....Comfy pads to insert into my heels and scrubby gloves for the shower. Summer IS coming
Listening to.....Shuffle on my iPhone, never know what might pop up. I kinda like the surprise.

What are you doing?

Monday, March 5, 2012


What is better than warm pumpkin muffins on a cold morning? 
Thanks Goodness I still had a box from Traders Joe's in the cabinet. 
Life saver!


Since winter has decided to stick around for a few more weeks, I am still able to use my stove and oven with cooking myself in the process. SO this weekend found me with a few randoms in the fridge which I was able to throw together for a yummy late morning brunch. I preheated the pans and then broke the eggs into them before putting them in the oven to bake. (Bake as long as you like, depending on the yolk you like. I prefer mine a bit runny so I didn't leave them in too long. I also roasted a few grape tomatoes to throw on top and garnished with pepper, truffle salt and some rosemary snips! Easy as pie, or baked eggs if you will.