Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CA Peep Time

I finally got some time with one of my friends from California. My friend Matt brought his daughter out to the big city. We had a chance to catch up yesterday and hang in Central Park where I got to meet a friend of his that lives here, Derek. Always good to have new friends in a city this size. I wandered the park in search of them and took some shots while walking. And let me tell you Central Park is Humongous!!

I finally found them at the Boathouse where Matt and his daughter were rowing around the lake so I met up with Derek and we sat on the patio and waited for them to get back. The weather was perfect and once they returned we lounged and chatted and people watched for at least another hour.

From there we bid adieu to Derek until later and we strolled through the park before going back to Matt's hotel so Halia could have a snack. He found a great little place in the Upper West Side. After seeing it I would definitely recommend it to out of town guests. He got an upgrade and had a ridiculous balcony with amazing views.

We left there and met up with Derek at Patsy's for some original New York Pizza and let me tell you it was Delish. Mom would be proud. And as if Pizza wasn't enough, we headed down to Little Italy to Ferrara's for Cannoli's. Yummmmy.

It was a good day.

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