Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 2 Apt Hunting

Holy Moly I feel like I have walked a hundred miles already. It's funny how you will walk in circles and circles and feel like you are so far away when you look at an apartment but when you plot it on the map you are right where you want to be. We looked at a number of places and found a darling little gem that the more I thought about it would be perfect. It has some negatives (no closet or storage space to speak of and quite tiny) but the charm of it was undeniable. Amazing moulding, an old fireplace facade, built in shelves, sweet little street right in a vibrant little neighborhood. It was at the top of our list after a full day of checking out places. We decided to head back to the hood after dark and find a little place to have dinner to see how it felt in the evening. Would it feel safe, would there be street life, etc. And boy did we hit the jackpot. The hood is perfect, not too crazy but lots of people walking around, close to subways and not a bad walk to Trader Joe's. A California girl at heart has priorities. We found a little cafe to have dinner and were beside ourselves when we found the back garden to sit outside. It was perfect. Even down to the fireflies flitting around. Yep, I got my heart set on a little studio in Greenwich Village. Let's see how this pans out.

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