Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cupcake Chronicles Has Moved!!!

Well after a week of packing up my whole life and cramming it into boxes as quickly as I could I finally landed in NYC this morning. It was a tough final two days with lots of tears and saying good bye to people I will miss dearly. Let’s hope there is another chapter there sometime. Until then I will be hanging my hat here on the East Coast for a bit. I got settled in my sublet and took a much needed nap. Once I felt a little more human I set out to explore the neighborhood I will call home for the first month. It’s a cute little apartment in Fort Greene right on the park. I am so looking forward to the farmer’s market on Saturday. Can’t wait. I had plans to meet up with my friend Deidre in Bryant Park to grab some food and then she had as assignment to shoot a pop store and said I could tag along. So I showered, changed into some dry clothes cause let me tell you, it is toasty and humid here and I grabbed the B train into Manhattan. Once I got to Bryant Park I found a spot to watch a Bocce Ball game and savor the breeze that was blowing. The park was quite lively and there were lots of people to watch. I got a text from D that she was in the Northwest corner of the park. Wait, I am in the Northwest Corner of the park. I turn around and she is sitting not 10 feet from me. Hugs were exchanged and off we went to get something to munch on while we got caught up. We grabbed some sandwiches and headed to a little table on the park. It was like no time had passed and I continued to glean as much info from Deidre on how to live as I do every time I see her. She is such a good sport. After dinner we set out to pop in some stores while waiting to meet the ladies at the store she was going to be shooting. I know I swore I would never buy another thing after I packed for a week but a girl does need some essentials for her new life. I no longer have a trunk to throw things into I must be selective about my bag choices or I will be flying back regularly to see my chiropractor. Don’t get excited though, I didn’t buy a thing. Well, except for ICE CREAM!!! Because yeah it was RIDICULOUSLY hot here my first day. We ended the night with a little shoot of a cute pop up shop for Alice and Olivia and I headed home to get some such needed rest. Day One was alright in my book.

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