Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Hour

It's been a good week. Running is going well and I am ready for the big 14 on Saturday. For the record this will break my longest distance to date. Quite excited. On a more fun note. My mentor Michelle put together a happy hour for her mentor group so we could get together when we are not sweating it out and pushing ourselves beyond physical exhaustion and actually  have some fun. Just kidding, 14 miles will be fun right? Anyway we met at a Japanese restaurant at the Spectrum and had some appey's and beverages. We had sushi and dumplings and at some point the fried baby octopus got ordered and a conversation ensued as to whether they had an actual brain. Because the head was still on there, fried and ready for tasting and a number of us were not so sure about eating the head. Does an octopus have a brain or is it more of just a central nervous system? Can someone please find that out and get back to me? Google it or something. I have a lot of running to do and don't have time. :)

I did try it but I only ate the legs. Tastes like chicken....I mean calamari.
It was so nice to see everyone in normal clothes. We got a chance to chat and I got to ask some questions about the travel stuff and race weekend. So many of the girls have done this a number of times so it was great to get their input. I am getting quite excited for the race. Many thanks to Michelle for getting us all together. 

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Rockyroad11 said...

Aw man! I missed the big group sad. At least there's proof that I ate the octopus. Great pics, great blog, I'm coming back for more!