Monday, August 31, 2009

August 29

Oy, all I can say about Saturday's run was IT WAS HOT!! We had a 12 mile course to do and it was Mission Viejo for what I believe is our last satellite training. I was mentally ready for a different course because we have done that one I think 3 times now but since it was our last I wanted to get some hills in. Who's silly idea was that? We started at 6:45 and by 7:15 we were all running with our tongues hanging out. Hot, humid, hills, not a good combination. Thankfully we had aid stations every two miles with smiling faces and cold gatorade. Steph and I decided to take it easy and just get the mileage in. We did it and I think I dunked all of my legs in the cold pool when we got back. Steph and I were chatting along the route and I was reminded that she is going to run the Disneyland half next weekend. As I thought more about that I said "hey, that means I have to run 16 by myself next week cause you won't be here". She said "yes, you will and it's 18 not 16" Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Not looking forward to that. Such pressure. How will I get through 18 miles without my running buddy? AND the week after that she is in Chicago. She's fired. Hehehe just kidding. I have a whole team of peeps to run with. It's going to be fine. I just hope it's not as HOT.

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