Tuesday, August 11, 2009

14 miles

This is going to be quick. It has been a busy few days since my long run on Saturday. 14 miles. Farther than I have ever run in one session in my life. I new distance record if you will. I know, I know I can be a little dramatic. But let me tell you friends 14 miles is far. But it was good. It was overcast, it was cool, it was an up and back with goldfish at the aid stations. My running buddy Steph kept me entertained and thoroughly encouraged. She even waited at the top of the last hill and yelled for me as I trudged up one step at a time, huffing and puffing the whole way. I can't wait to run 26 miles with her.
On another note I have discovered that, although I love to go home from our Saturday practice and shower off and basically crash on the couch, it seems that it is best for me to have a full day planned. I ended up driving to LA, literally after jumping out of the shower and throwing my wet hair in a ponytail, to work a party for Quiksilver. I shot pictures in a "photo booth" all day at a pool party at the Standard Hotel. Barely sat down at all. As a matter of fact I was up and down all day and miraculously my legs felt great that whole day and the day after. Last week when I relaxed and took a nap after my run, I could barely walk around my house. I felt and I am quite sure, looked like a 98 year old granny every time I got up off the couch. SO, note to self, plan for movement on Saturdays....lots of it.
SO yeah, check off that 14 and bring on the rest. I did 7 this morning and I am planning on 5 tomorrow and 6 Thursday with a little 12 on Saturday thrown in for good measure. And just for fun I am going Ventura to see an old friend and I think the plan is to go walk around the fair. Yahoooo.

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