Tuesday, August 25, 2009

16 Miles

I have never run this far in my life. And there were a few days last week that i didn't think I would make it but here I am, on the other side of 16. After such a tough week with my cranky foot, Saturday was actually pretty awesome. It was cloudy, which made for perfect running. It was a partly new trail, which made for good brain stimulation and Steph and I both felt pretty good. Coach Noah had us run in to Peter's Canyon and up a trail which was challenging but good practice for SF. The view from the top was awesome and so Steph and I stopped to take a few pics. Again we are practicing for SF because there WILL be pictures people.

We carefully made our way back down the trail, don't want to twist an ankle so deep into this training and headed back on our way. We chatted and took in the scenery and stopped at the aid stations to refuel and walked here and there when we needed a break. It was funny to me that at one point I was just bored with running. I think we had been going for about 2 hours and my brain was like "ok I am done with running today" I got all tickled by that. Now is definitely when the mental game begins. We ended up having a really good run and finished it it 2 hours and 36 minutes. At one point we were waiting for a light to change and my calves were getting pretty tight so I decided to stretch just a little.....what?

We got back to "base camp" to cheers and encouragement. What a great way to start a Saturday. We made sure to stretch and Steph was a clear example of our run today, sweat, mud from the trail and a big grin.

Well....I bet she was grinning on the inside. :)

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