Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 miles

SO I have hit that one week where it all goes downhill and you get really discouraged in your marathon training. Our schedule dictated a 10 mile run on Saturday. Piece of cake right? It was another satellite workout so Coach Jen again gave us options to make our run a little longer. We could do 10, 12 or 14. RB Steph was feeling a little low so we decided to go for 10 and then see how we felt at the optional spots to do more. Not a chance. We got going and it was tough from the beginning. My foot had gotten aggravated on Friday by a pair of shoes that are now in the bin to go to Goodwill. SO from the get go I was struggling. It was overcast which was nice but it was Mission Viejo and hilly which was not so nice. At both extra mileage turnoffs Steph and I looked at each other and said "uh no". This was going to be a strictly easy, get the mileage underneath your feet, slow run. I had to stop numerous times to stretch out my right calf which I think was getting tight because I was running weird on my left foot. It was not fun. We finished it and groused with our fellow teammates. I headed home and tried to walk it off a little but it was not happy all day. I even iced in the evening and hoped it would feel better on Sunday. Nope. It was not happy all day Sunday nor Monday. SO it was time to break out the big guns and I put in the emergency call to my chiropractor. He squeezed me in at noon and proceeded to poke and prod and massage and ultrasound and massage some more. My brain is on the verge of meltdown but I am doing my best to keep it together one more day before I freak out. Since I haven't been able to run for three days that is presenting itself as a little bit of challenge. I went home last night and sunk it in an ice bath and just tried to remind myself that a couple days off to take care of it will hopefully take care of it. I was going to attempt a little run this morning if it felt better but when I woke up it was still pretty sore so I bailed on the run and just did some elliptical. My trainer even asked me how I was doing? She said "did you cry yet?" I laughed and said "no but give me one more day of this and maybe". It is actually feeling better as I write so I may be out of the woods. Let's hope so or this will NOT be pretty kids. I am going back for more treatment tomorrow and then we'll see. Ah the joys of training for a marathon. It's not a sprint right, it's a marathon. Somebody please help me remember that.

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