Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiara baking

Are you sensing a theme here? I do love me a pretty tiara. But that is not the main point of this post. This is a post of gratitude. I have got a ridiculous team of people around me that sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve them. I am not talking about my TNT teammates, although they are pretty fantastic too. This team of people has been with me a little longer and has seen me through a myriad of circumstances. Some of them not always so pretty. I met Paul Stately 9 years ago and while I was skeptical to say the least of chiropractic, he and his group have been such a blessing to my life. They have seen me through a sprained ankle, a broken toe, a car accident, surgery to remove a cyst from my foot, a few breakups and the death of my grandfather. And if you don't think those last two have any effect on your health and well being you are very wrong. Anyway, through it all they have always been there for me physically and emotionally. They have adjusted me, ultrasounded me, ART'd me, Grastoned me, massaged me, E-Stemmed me, ran with me and hugged me when I needed it. Paul's team has changed over the years but everyone he brings in is first class. So per my last post and the emergency squeeze in for the cranky foot, I decided to bring treats with me tomorrow when I go back for more torture....er I mean treatment. I put on the old apron and tiara and made some cranberry, oatmeal, white chips cookies. Uh huh, that's right....Yuuuummmy. I had one, they are delish. Take a look.

There is one more person on my team that I could NOT do without. MY friend, trainer, fellow broke left footer Jen Z. But she won't eat cookies. :0

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