Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tribeca Film Festival Films 2 and 3

Are you sensing a theme here? May seems to have lots of multi part posts, in case you weren't sensing. Ok so film #2 for me was The Swell Season. You guessed it, a documentary. It followed Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova after they made Once and how they dealt with fame and touring and relationship. I loved Once so it was very interesting to me to see more of this relationship and how it evolved and eventually (Spoiler alert) came to an end. I give it a two thumbs up.

 Film number 3 was another Doc (odd right?) called Bombay Beach. It is a little town out near the Salton Sea in California and the film follows 3 story lines of people who live out there. It is a fascinating area. I went with some girlfriends a few years ago. You can see the pics here. It is desolate and abandoned and graffiti covered and eerie and quite barren and yet beautiful when you look at it through creative eyes. The director Alma Har'el did a stunning job of filming. The visuals are lush, the stories are heart wrenching and complex yet you see that even in the midst of it all there is love and community and imagination. I think this was by far my favorite film. It brought up a lot of weird emotions for me. It reminded me how, at their core, everyone just wants to be loved. Here are these people who on the surface may seem to have nothing, but they have each other, which made my own isolation feel that much bigger. They have family, whether it was biologically or geographically or romantically made. They have imagination and wonder and play. They have dreams.  We all have dreams. Well, I hope we all have dreams. I think sometimes people forget their dreams. And that to me is much more devastating. Go see this film if you can kids. It's a winner.

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