Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Visitors Round 3

I am exhausted just recounting all the fun we had while people were in town. I didn't have many more pictures of Chanell and her gang as I did have to get some work done so most of the rest of our visiting was eating. Not a bad thing to do in New York while people are here. :) Just ask my Stepdad. So the next week my friend Matt was in town. The last 2 trips he has brought family but this time he was solo so we explored the city for 2 days while he was here. It's so funny when he is here because that guy knows way more about the city than I do and I have been here for a year. Mind you his family is from here so he has spent a lot of time in the city but still I feel a little slack when he's here.
Day One we started out with soup dumplings in Chinatown and man were they delish. I think I tortured my stepdad with the myriad of pictures of food I sent him. Cannot wait to take the rents back to that place.  Joe's Shanghai on Pell if you're interested.

From there we wandered Chinatown up to Little Italy to hit Ferrara's for a little sweet snack. Must keep our nourishment up for all the walking  you know.  Even though it was chilly I opted for gelato, cause I love it!!! And it did not disappoint.

We walked Elizabeth Street because I had been wanting to explore it and it was darling. Of course the street art is always visually stimulating and I found it synchronous that we passed a bear as I had had a dream about bears that very morning. 

We continued up to the Washington Square Park Area where Matt showed me a building that had a horrific fire back in 1911. It was the Triangle Shirtwaist Company and 146 people died. You can read about it here. The building is now part of NYU and there is a plaque on the wall to commemorate. See I told you Matt knew crazy facts about this city. 

We wandered through the East Village on our way to Midtown to stop at the Modern for a beverage. It is a lovely little restaurant that is part of the MOMA, but first we stopped off at the Seagram Building which is where Matt's dad worked back in the day. It's a splendid piece of architecture and now has  a very interesting art piece adorning the front plaza. 

We ended the day meeting Derik at Brother Jimmy's for some yummy barbeque. Full day indeed. 

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