Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Visitors Round 3 Day 3

Ready for more fun! I met Matt for lunch at Katz's Deli. THE Katz's deli, you know, of When Harry Met Sally fame. Crazy enough after almost a year here I still hadn't been. I had walked past it numerous times but just hadn't jumped. Matt wanted pastrami so we met up and got some pastrami and now I am kinda tweaked I waited so  long. Wow, was it good. Juicy, tender, flavorful. YUM. We grabbed a table and ended up chatting  with our table mate who was quintessential New Yorker and yet it was his first time at Katz's as well. Matt seemed to be the only veteran.

I did NOT have what she was having unfortunately

The pickles were FANTastic!

Matt and the Wall of Fame

Very popular joint!

Our get out of jail free card. Well maybe more like 20 bucks. 

We decided to make our way toward the Guggenheim but not before a little more lower Manhattan meandering. We stopped into the Morrison Hotel Gallery which had an exhibit of rock photos by Lynn Goldsmith but no photos were allowed inside.  Booo

After that we hopped a train and headed uptown stopping in at Bloomies and then a few galleries before making it to the Guggenheim which was CLOSED! FAIL. Fine, on to the Met then! Obviously there is no lack of cultural opportunity here in the city. We saw a great exhibit on guitars and then split up to roam the halls for our own interests. I headed for the Arms and Armor section because I am OBSESSED with the Tudors. The Showtime miniseries has me hook, line and sinker. I had seen the knights in armor on horses once before and knew I wanted to go back but now it was with fervor and I was duly rewarded. There in the Met is actual armor of Henry VIII. Mind you, it was later in his life so it was quite large but stunning none the less. 

What exactly is that pointy thing for?

I love this stuff. 

Even the horses had amazing armor!

Oh, Henry!

We left the Met and headed across town to hit H&H bagels and Zabar's before parting ways. I was off to the Film Festival and Matt was off to hang with Derik before heading back to the OC It was great getting to see him. It always helps with the rare bout of home sickness to see old friends from the CA.

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