Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Visitors Round 2.

On Monday JZ went back to Ca and on Tuesday the second contingency from the CA arrived. All 8 of them. No they did not all stay in my apartment. That would have been against some city code I am sure of it. Chanell moved up to a hotel with the rest of her group but I got to tag along with them on their NYC adventure. The first night for dinner I took them to Stecchino in Hell's Kitchen. I think we scared the poor host when 9 of us walked in but they were so great and the food was outstanding. I think we ordered 4 pizzas, and 5 entrees and it was like family dinner with all of us sharing and tasting. It was also great to get to know this gang a little better. Sadly I only took pictures of the food on my phone so I can't share but I highly recommend a trip to Stecchino if you are in the city.
Wednesday I crashed their tour of Yankee Stadium. Well, they did invite me so I guess it wasn't an official crash but it was really cool. I was a little disappointed that I never got to see the old stadium and I have to say being in a stadium brought up a whole lot of weird emotions for me but it was a really beautiful  place to see none the less. The stadium is gorgeous and it gave me a big boost in desire to go to a game and yes, I will probably be a Yankee fan before it's all over, (much to the chagrin of Elicia and Jill). I am not official yet, though.

The Yankee Museum was quite fascinating and I was disappointed I didn't have more time to look around. It was fun seeing balls signed by guys I had known when Mike was playing. Sometimes I forget what a wild ride my life has been and how blessed I have been to experience so much.

From there we went out to Monument Park which is where all the retired numbers are and on to the dugout for the authentic view of the field. Baseball really is a beautiful game and I am glad it has been part of my history as well. Now if I could just pick a team that was my own. I did notice while we were there that the Yankees won the pennant in both years that my parents were born. Maybe that says something, although I literally just looked up who won it the year I was born.....wait for it......the Mets. :) Oh decisions, decisions. 

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