Sunday, May 1, 2011

April where did you go??

Wow, whirlwind few weeks with visitors, more visitors and a film festival. Whew. Where to begin? So many details. Too many to actually recount here in any punctual manner so this may be a photo heavy post. Let's begin with a surprise show. Memphis. My friends JZ and Chanell were in town and Memphis was a surprise for Chanell. Our friend Michelle met us and we spent the afternoon in utter awe of the talent in the show. Excellent choice. I was so blown away I bought the cd. 

We ambled through Times Square on our way back to my place before dinner at Almond in the FlatIron district. Service was amazing and we had a blast catching up with some girl time. 

Sunday was more fun in the city after Chanell and I went WAY uptown to a darling little church in Harlem. Let me tell you it was only by the grace of God that they let us into the earlier service. But everyone was lovely and we are so glad we went. 
We met back up with Jen and wandered Soho for some shopping as well as a little street fair off Union Square Park before dinner at Mercer Kitchen. The food was outstanding although I can't say as much for the service that night. 

It was so fun having these two to pal around the city with. I do hope they come back soon. 

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