Monday, May 23, 2011

I am turning into a Freegan Hippie

My adventures with my neighbor Amanda are always fun. One night she came up and said “you have to come outside, the health food store must have remodeled and they left a bunch of stuff out on the curb. Let’s go check it out. ” Since Amanda is a student, she has been trying to be smart with her money and adding stuff to her apartment. So out we went, at midnight no less, to check out the free pile. There were glass shelves, industrial scales, some metal shelving and a lot of junk. But there was also an industrial grade cart that had just the right amount of distress and that caught Amanda’s eye. So the two of us lugged, and I do mean lugged it over to our building, down the steps and into her place. We also grabbed the glass shelves and 2 scales to make a little place to put her printer. It has worked perfectly for her apartment and the cart has turned into an ideal surface for all her school projects. Take a look.

Now before you poo poo our little freegan excursion, let me add the postscript. She saw similar carts at ABC home and they were going for upwards of $2000. Uh huh, who’s poo pooing now? Well last night as I was walking home from Union Square I noticed that Westside Market had put out empty vegetable crates and I remembered Amanda was scouring ebay awhile back for just that kind of crate. She wasn’t having any luck with her budget so I mentioned that I had seen them last night in the midst of our best Picasso impression, with watercolors and music for inspiration. We took a break from our masterpieces at about midnight and took her dog for a “walk” to check out the goods. SCORE! She picked up 6 beautiful veggie crates and they are now curated into a lovely little stack in her place. One even still had green beans in it. I took those and added them to the green beans I had bought from said market just yesterday. See freegan hippie. What has this city done to me? I don’t know but I like it.

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My little Freegan Picasso!