Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tiara Printing

It’s the night before my trip to San Francisco for the race. Of course on the last night I am scrambling around like a chicken trying to finish up last minute stuff. I still had not packed but I wanted to do the t-shirts for the “Tiara Trotters” fan club. The graphics that Steph’s friend did turned out really cute so I made shirts for Holly, John and Chloe. I made one for JZ too, even though she isn’t going to be here and I know she won’t wear it. Regardless I was cutting and ironing and peeling until about 10 pm. Never mind that my packing still wasn’t quite finished. But they turned out really cute and of course I was sporting my tiara while I worked. I even made one for me, minus the fan club part, because Steph and I are the Tiara Trotters, after all.

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