Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shirt Decorating 101

Steph invited me over on Wednesday night. The plan was to paint our toenails, the TNT official colors of purple and green of course, and to decorate our race singlets. I got to her place and we had to run to Andy’s to pick up the printer because she had some T’s designed for the race. One for Andy that says “Tiara Trotters pit crew” and we did some for our cheerleaders that say “Tiara Trotters Fan Club”. So we got back to her place and made some ridiculous salads while our baked potatoes cooked. We had to carb load right?

Then we got down to the business at hand. I got to work on my singlet while she made Andy’s official race jersey. I got some crazy iron on letters to decorate my shirt and once I got them ironed on I realized I may lose one or two during the race so I had to sew some of the edges down. I just hope I don’t get chafing from the thread. And thankfully I didn’t prick my fingers too badly with that needle. We got so involved in the T’s and eating that we never did get around to painting our nails. This T-shirt and singlet decorating is serious business. But we figured we have all day Friday to do our feet. San Francisco here we come!

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