Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SF Day 2

Day 2 in San Francisco was kinda a blur. I got up early to do some super special Nike + member shopping at Niketown before the store opened. I got a cool new bag and a shirt for Steph. Must have a memento of the weekend. From there I went back over to the Expo to try out the Lunarglide shoes and get a gait analysis. Kinda cool. Check out the video below. When I got done there I had a text that Holly and John had arrived so I cabbed it over to the Ferry building to meet them at the Farmer's Market. It was fantastic.

We walked around and sampled a bunch of scrumptious morsels then settled into T's for lunch. We split up after that with plans to meet up in the evening as I needed to rest a little and I had a team meeting and the inspiration dinner to go to.
And what an inspiration it was. I had no idea as we got to the door of the convention center, the mayhem that awaited me. All the TNT coaches and mentors lined the walkway from the door, down 4 flight of stairs and into the banquet hall. They were dressed up, screaming, yelling, cheering and welcoming us in. I felt like I was in the Olympics or something. It was overwhelming. I will post the video in it's own post. Incredible.

The speeches at the dinner were inspiring, funny, heartwarming and thought provoking. We were reminded to "manage the moment and that the end will come". We were encouraged by the amount of funding that we raised and how many people would be affected and helped by the work that we did this season. And we were roused by the thought that "the woman who starts this race is not the same woman who finishes it." This has been an amazing and life changing experience and I am so glad I took on this challenge 6 months ago. I am not the same woman who walked into that meeting in Tustin and I am grateful for this path.

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