Saturday, October 17, 2009

SF Day 1

We made it to SF in one piece and as a big Team in Training Group. The Southwest flight attendants even gave us a shout out after we took off. Our team for this season so far has raised over $390,000. That is so crazy to me. Thanks to all the people who have been so generous. We grabbed our luggage and hopped on the charter bus to the city. We got checked in and Steph and I headed over to the expotique to pick up our race packets and enjoy some of the festivities.

We sampled the Safeway smoothies that were blended by peeps on spin bikes, we picked up our bibs and goodies bags, made some cheer signs and we filled our lungs at the oxygen bar.

It smelled soo good. I think I got a little carried away. Hehehehe From there we went over to Niketown and found our names on the wall and played in the photo booth at Cole Hahn. One of our very important errands was to go to Chinatown and pick up tiaras for Step and our Mentor Michelle. We found a little cafe that I had been to before and grabbed some lunch with a lovely view of the gates of Chinatown. Lunch was delish and we topped it off by trying three little delightful French macaroons. Still carb loading you know. After lunch we made our way into Chinatown with my hawk eyes out for the tiara shop since I wasn’t entirely sure what store we saw them in a few years ago. But we prevailed and half an hour later we were heading back to Union Square with two new sparkly tiaras in hand. Success is sweet. We decided it was time to head back to the hotel and put our feet up for a bit. Don’t want to poop ourselves out. We got back to the room and got to the task deferred of painting our toesies. We had team colors of purple and green and they are now BEA-utiful.

It felt good to get my feet out of my shoes and do a little cold water dunk and self massage. The whirlwind of Day 1 continued as we headed downstairs to meet Mentor Michelle for dinner. We presented here with her new tiara and the three of us grabbed a cab with tiaras firmly placed upon our heads. You can imagine the looks we got. Who knew three tiaras wee such an odd thing. On a recommendation from Michelle Mellissi, we cabbed it to a little restaurant named Flour and Water in the Mission District. Apparently it is quite popular and without a reservation, we endured a one and a half hour wait. Yeah, we were hungry and quite tired by the time we got seated but we got seated at the communal table and made four new friends before the night was over. It ended up being a really fun night with amazing food and lots of laughs as we celebrated Steph’s “birthday”.

Bellies full and feet ready for bed, we made it back to the hotel and hit the hay. One more day before the big R-U-N!!!!

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