Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Contenders

So we are two weeks out from the big event and I am feeling very indecisive about my chosen running shoes for the race. I ran in Asics Nimbus 10 all season with fabulous results. Then at that 14 mile week with the knee issues, I decided it was time to get new shoes. Those pink Nimbus have some serious mileage on them. So off I went to Road Runner to replenish my shoe supply. Jorge the sales guy was really helpful and after listening to my whole long drawn out training recap, he gave me a few pairs to try. He got me the new Nimbus 11, but also suggested that I try the Saucony and the New Balance. I tried one of each and after a couple quick jogs on the treadmill, we both came to the conclusion that I am an Asics runner. I kinda already knew that but one must be open to new things, right? Ok so 2 new Asics on my feet and I did a little trial run on the treadmill so he could check my gate. Because the new Nimbus had a little wider toe box I went back to the size 9 I normally wear. After watching video of me running and squeezing the crap out of my credit card I walked out of Road Runner with 2 new pairs of shoes and some new socks. Ouch. Just kidding, hopefully that will alleviate the ouch factor. I ended up running some short mileage in the new shoes and I noticed my 4th toe was getting numb. Well that is not acceptable. I thought maybe they were laced to tight so I loosened them up and tried again. Better but still some numbness. Hmmm. Well long story short, both new pairs of shoes went back and two new Size 9 and a 1/2s are now in my closet. Now that i have run in them a few weeks. I am still getting some numbness when I wear the Nimbus 11. Not bad but not good enough to deal with for 26.2 miles. I think the .2 will be the kicker. :) So the conundrum is do I run in the Nimbus 10 that I ran in all summer and felt great or do I run in the new Cumulus that feels pretty good but has no real long distance testing? The new Nimbus was in the running, but I think I finally narrowed it down to the old Nimbus and new Cumulus. I am going to poll my teammates, mentor and coaches. Verdict to come soon.

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