Thursday, October 1, 2009

I am runner hear me roar.

I finally feel like I an officially call myself a runner again. It has been a long time coming. Here is the evidence that i have gathered so far. My first marathon is in less than three weeks. I am already trying to figure out when to schedule my next one. I am already trying to figure out which half I want to do next and I want it to be soon. My stack of running shoes could give my stack of high heels a run (pun intended) for their money. I check out the new flavors of Gatorade in the grocery store. And check out these ankles.

Seriously. The first time, which implies that this is a regular occurrence, I thought I had not put on enough sunscreen and had gotten a really bad farmer tan. NOPE, ready for this? Yep, it's dirt. My ankles get "that" dirty when I am running. You have already seen the shoe comparison. If you don't remember check out "Miles to go before I sleep" in July So, I officially claim to be a runner now. No namby pamby pristine treadmill running for me, bring on the marathon.

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