Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Straight Razor Shave

I am fascinated by traditional Barber Shops. While I didn't see many of them when I lived in Ca they are EVERywhere here in New York. I love walking past them and seeing men getting shaves and haircuts and all things manly. I have often wanted to treat a beau to a straight razor shave as I find it sexy and gift worthy, but I have not found many of my beaus to be worthy of such a gift. So I decided my step-dad would not only appreciate such a gift but he would enjoy it immensely and he is more than worthy. So on Monday we headed over to FSC Barber around the corner from my apartment to get Gary a shave. He decided to have his head shaved as well and I got to shoot it all. It was fantastic!

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Gar Long said...

It was even more fun than it looks - the step dad