Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day Shenanigans.

It was a very Merry Christmas. The rents made their way up from the Bunny Hole around 9 and we opened presents. We decided to get cleaned up and then head out into the City. We had late afternoon lunch reservations at Mr. K's for Chinese. Gary was hoping to get a full Peking duck and a little "Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra" from the staff. But on the way we took a stroll through Times Square and wow was it nutty. Don't these people hang out with their families on Christmas? At home?

While Mr. K's was delightful and yummy and apparently quite famous, it was a total fail on the whole duck or the song. Eh C'est la Vie. Maybe next year. Off we went to explore the city some more. First stop Grand Central. What a beauty. We tried to hang out at the Campbell Apartment but being Christmas day it was closed. Boooo.

On to the next adventure. I wanted to stroll and check out the shop windows because I thought for sure 5th Avenue would be quiet since all the stores were closed for Christmas. I could not have been more WRONG. It was a MAD HOUSE. I shot a couple things and then almost had a meltdown so we headed back to the Village.

But before we left we had Chestnuts! They were yummy and we made up a song about them......

"Chestnuts roasting on Street Cart Fire
Jack Fraud nipping at your Puuuuuurse"

Yeah that's about as far as we got but we thought it was hysterical.

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