Sunday, January 2, 2011

Playing Catchup

Wow I just looked through all the pictures from the rents visit and I am WAAAY behind. We did a ton of stuff. OK, let's see. On the 24th We went to the Union Square Market and picked up some Christmas gifts and then had lunch at a great Cuban place. From there we headed to Midtown to check out Macy's and see Santa. The decorations at Macy's were stunning. Take a loook.

The inside of Macy's was a SEA of Red. So festive!

From there we made our way to see if we could chat up Santa. No Dice. The line was Ridiculous. So we opted to write a couple letters instead. I hope they made it to the North Pole in time. ;)

We left Macy's and headed uptown to check out a few hotels Mom had read about for their fantastic. holiday decorations. The first, not much to write home about. The second one, The New York Palace, across from St. Patrick's Cathedral was incredible.

We ended Christmas Eve with dinner at Savoy and Midnight Mass at a little Cathedral down in Soho. It was the perfect end to Christmas Eve indeed.

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