Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewing Project #3

I LOVE my new toy!! In keeping with my word for the year, CREATE, I have been working on a number of projects. Albeit some more slowly than others. I found some fabric the day after Thanksgiving on my way back from Upstate that I have been wanting to make a pillow out of. So while I had the fabric, I had no pillow form, no trim and at the time no sewing machine. So finally today I did it. Although in hindsight I think part of my procrastination was having never sewn a pillow before, (well other than a letter pillow in homec ages ago) much less one with chord trim. Oy. But I dove in and lo and behold, it's not too bad, as I pat myself on the back . :)

Here we go...

Sewing on the trim. First time around I didn't get it close enough to the chording so I went around again. My first time using a zipper foot. Whew that takes a little practice.

 Pinning front piece and back pieces together.. Getting there!!

All sewn up and turned right side out.

I was going to put it on the couch but I really like mixing the prints and putting it on the chair. I may have to make another one. Better go get more fabric.

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