Thursday, January 27, 2011

In Transit Makeup Application

I find it endlessly fascinating that people put on makeup on mass transit. Today I was faced with two masters of the makeup brush on the train. I actually shot one of them for my other blog as you can see.

The other one was sitting next to me so she didn't qualify for my photo project but she was amazing none the less. She sat down and I swear it was Rita Moreno but I didn't want to stare and girlfriend was deep in concentration. She whipped out an eye pencil and I noticed her mirror was propped in her bag just so. I giggled a little when I saw a standing gentleman raise his eyebrows as she set to work just as the train pulled away. HOW does she not jab herself in the eye?? I mean this was serious business. She lined the top lid, the bottom lid and pulled her lid down to line the rim even. This was not her first rodeo kids. I was trying to be cool but I wanted to turn to her and say "Have you ever jabbed yourself in the eye?" The trains are hardly a smooth ride. So then she moved on to her lips, which she lined expertly in no time and back to the eyes with another pencil. All in three stops. I really wanted to stay on and start chatting her up but instead I got off at 14th as usual and blogged about it instead. Next time I am going to ask and I will be sure to pass along her words of wisdom. :)

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