Saturday, March 9, 2013

Then and Now

 So you already know my trip to Panama was a return. I spent many happy years down there as a kid and today Mom sent me pics to prove it. So crazy to see the exact same places I was just standing a little over a week ago. Really messing with my brain right now. Take a look.

Back in the day we went to see Panama Viejo. It hasn't changed all that much.

Me and my dad sitting on a ledge that I walked past last week without even realizing and yet now I can picture exactly where it was. 

Me and mom*

and now (35ish years later now)

I think this one blows me away the most. Seriously? Almost the exact same shot 35 years later?

So crazy. Life is funny that way. 

*Ok seriously? Who's idea was it to put me in long sleeves?? It was HOT people!
But wow we were cute! 


Shirley Long said...

The train tacks freaked me out a bit too!!

Monica said...

Hi! I was googling Panama canal zone images and your blog popped up. What years were you in Panama? I was there from 75 to 79