Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Panama Day 3-Island Time

We spent the next two days in slow motion and I think most of the 48 hours I was in a hammock rocking gently on the patio. Mom and I did take a walk around the island to look at all the cute little candy colored houses, but it was definitely a stroll. We went back and grabbed Papa Gar and headed to "town" for lunch. Mom and I split a grilled Lobster (yeah, we did) and Gar had yet another whole fried Corvina. And of course we washed it down with Balboas. After lunch, Mom and I headed to the beach where "Luis" was watching the beach chairs he had set up for us. I am quite sure he didn't think we were coming back but we whiled the afternoon away alternating between the chairs and inching our way gingerly into the chilly Pacific. Darn that cold water. 

I went out in the afternoon looking for more sea glass (we had seen some on our way back from the beach) and decided that the Island was a cross between The Salton Sean and Dead Horse Bay. I think I touched more than one fish skeleton while digging for glass. It seems I am a scavenger at heart. But a fashionably dressed scavenger. :)

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