Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Panama Day 5-Mercado

The next stop on our last day was the produce market. Mom didn't remember coming here but David thought it would be a fun place to see.  I was in serious search of a mango since it seems we were too early for mango season, so the odds of me picking one off a tree like I did as a kid were slim to, oh wait not even slim. They were zero. But this was like winning the lottery. It was astonishing! I mean, I know a good farmers market, but I have to say this place puts Union Square's market to shame. Even in the summer. Now I get that a lot of it has to do with the customer being markets and not necessarily consumers but come on. Do you see the volume? I was blown away.

I mean seriously, how darling is this guy! Loved the Panamanian People, and I did get two mangos from him.

This guy called us over and asked (in Spanish of course) if we wanted to try his pineapple. Uh, Of course! So he proceeded to expertly carve away the bottom and down the sides and then with a fancy move through the outside, he plucked the perfect round out of the pineapple with his knife. It was like a magic trick. I wanted to clap but I was quickly in the throws of palate overload with the sweet flesh of the fruit. (This is starting to sound a little risque) It was so delicious! Nothing like anything in the States and I would dare to say even Hawaii has nothing on these. Blasphemous, I know. But they were that good. And here is the kicker, whole pineapple $1 each. We thanked him profusely and walked away with 2. Thank Goodness mom had wet wipes in her bag cause there was pineapple juice running down my arm. 

Enjoying fruits of labor.

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