Friday, March 8, 2013

Panama Day 4- Panama Viejo

 We got back to the mainland and after a little respite from the heat and an easy lunch of ceviche from the Mercado de Pescado, (more on that later) we decided to take a taxi over to Panama Viejo and explore the ruins of the original site of Panama. You can read all about its history here. It's amazing so much of it has survived the years and when you climb to the top of the Cathedral, you can clearly see remnants of the city layout. Going to places like this always makes the USA feel like such an infant to me. We got a little rain storm and it got steamy walking around the grounds with all the lush foliage that looked like it was doing it's darndest to reclaim the ruins but we didn't want to miss anything, especially a chance for a "Michelle and Papa Gar jail shot." Alas it was not meant to be this trip. 

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Shirley Long said...

Look at those darn tourists!! Great pixs.