Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Panama Day 5-Cerro Ancon


Our last day was really busy. We reverted back to our trip standard of seeing thee things a day and blew right past it to finish off our visit! Next stop was Ancon Hill or Cerro Ancon. You take a narrow, windy road up 654 feet to the top of the hill and are rewarded with sweeping 360 degree views of the city. And believe me, mom needed a reward after that little car ride. I asked her if she was having flashbacks of the trip home from Panama where we drove through Central America and all I heard was a weak little grunt in response. Mama does not like windy, little mountain roads. But wow it was 

The view up the Canal

Views of Santa Ana and Casco Viejo

Me, doing what I do! 

The Bridge of the Americas

The Panamanian Flag atop Cerro Ancon

The views of Panama City

A lot of the residences are being bought up and restored but of course the one I wanted to stop and shoot was the crumbling one. While the new homes are beautiful and it's great to see them keep the bones of the older structures, I have always been a sucker for peeling paint and old world charm. 

Look! I really was there! Thanks for taking my pic, Mama!

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