Friday, April 1, 2011

He made my brain bigger

Another journal entry that really resonated with me today. Need a little more oppositional interaction it seems......

I seem to be out of my element a little more often than not these days and I am finding myself interacting with some really interesting and challenging people. People with opposing viewpoints and opinions and lifestyles and I am finding it really stimulating. I feel like these people are making my brain bigger, expanding my point of view to understand others better. Forcing me to think in new and creative ways. Pushing me into a space of uncomfortable that I am unused to and while it makes me want to crawl out of my skin while it it transpiring, in the end I feel more alive for the exchange. Why do we tend to get so settled into our mundane? Why does busy seem to overrun our lives? Why are we accepting such surface interactions with text and email that we rarely have actual conversations with people anymore? Have we become so socially inept or conflict averse that we would rather have virtual relationships over real flesh and blood. I say no. At least for me. I want to have more real flesh and blood. I forgot how fun it was. I forgot how scary it was. I forgot how much living it was.

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