Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

Oh March, how I let you down. Hardly blogging at all, not giving you the attention you deserve. :) But I do have lots to share so get ready! Ok first up, Quilts Galore! I saw a post on Martha Stewart's blog about a quilt show up at the Armory on Park Avenue. I have always loved quilts as my great grandmother used to make them and now my step mom, Mama J has become quite the quilter. She made me one a few years ago and she let me pick out the fabric and pattern. It is ridiculous. I love it so much. I picked the Drunkard's Path for 2 very personal reasons. The most important being that it's Dutch, as am I. The other let's suffice it to say there were a few tough years in my past. But out of trial usually comes strength and  beauty and I have something beautiful to curl up with on a cold New York night. Take a look.

I won't do the description of the show justice so you should go here and read all about it. But take a look at the pictures because this place was stunning! 

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